Introducing the NBA Title Belt (GSW @ PHI game thread)

How can we make the NBA regular season more exciting? How about introducing a Title Belt that gets passed around all year?

The big brains over at the /r/NBA board on Reddit have come up with a phenomenal new concept that would make the regular season of the NBA even more exciting: a Title Belt.

The concept is simple enough; when the Champs lose, the team that defeated them wins the Belt. Once they lose, the team that beat them wins the Belt, and so on. Since this is a new concept, the Belt was given to the previous NBA Champs, the Miami Heat, at the start of the season. Since they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, that makes Philly the Champs. So as of right now, the Sixers hold the Belt, seeing as how they have yet to lose since beating the Heat. Think about that, the Philadelphia 76ers, who were expected to be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, currently hold the Title (not to mention the fact that they're 3-0).

So you may be asking, how exactly does this make the regular season more exciting? Well, why else would you be interested in a game between the 76ers and the Golden State Warriors? Who cares, right? Well, this way, tonight's match is a TITLE MATCH! The Dubs could become the new regular season Title holders with a win. Plus, this way, you could wind up winning the regular season "Championship" without even making the playoffs! You could win it without even having a winning record! You could win one damn game all season and still hold the Belt!

Last season, the Miami Heat, despite wining 27 games in a row, would have only held the belt for a very short time. The longest reign would have gone to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a span of 20 days. The LA Clippers would have held it for 15, the Knicks for 14. You can track the progress of the Belt over at the Reddit thread and we (Kevin and I, at least) will be keeping an eye on it from the Sonics Rising side.

So consider this your game thread for the 76ers vs Warriors TITLE MATCH! Lllllllet's get ready to rumblllllllllle!

Tale of the Tape

2013/2014 NBA Season
Golden State Warriors main logo
Philadelphia 76ers main logo(c)
Won 1
Won 3
November 4th, 2013
Wells Fargo Center
4:00 PM
Possible Starters
Stephen Curry PG Michael Carter-Williams
Klay Thompson SG James Anderson
Andre Iguodala SF Evan Turner
David Lee PF Thaddeus Young
Andrew Bogut C Spencer Hawes
2013/14 Advanced Stats
94.8 (2nd) Pace 94.2 (3rd)
111.2 (2nd) ORtg 106.6 (7th)
115.9 (8th) DRtg 123.7 (23rd)
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