You Look Marvellous - Giving The NBA A Minor Makeover

What with all the talk of MOUs, elections, EISs and whatnot, it's time Sonics Rising stopped paying attention to trivial matters and focused on something really important – NBA uniforms

Last year's first round match-up between the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls will be mostly remembered for the Nate Robinson game and since this is a Seattle site, let's take a moment to enjoy it again.

Nate Robinson 34 points vs Nets - Full Highlights (2013 NBA Playoffs GM4) (via kietasss)

Anyhoo, something else happened in that series. In game one, the Nets wore their black unis at home, while the Bulls wore their famous reds, creating this feast for the eyes.

Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets Game 1 NBA Playoffs 2013 (via more burks)

Pretty awesome, no? It was just a one game thing and things returned to normal for the rest of the series, which is kind of a shame.

This season, more and more teams have been wearing their roads at home early on (some examples: Philly at home to the aforementioned Bulls is one example, Cleveland wearing their wine-coloured aways in their home opener is another – although both times I'm deducting points for the away teams wearing white). And I guess my question is – why can't we have this all the time?

My proposal, and I know how much the NBA loves to look globally, is shifting from the traditional "home" and "away" jersey to a Premier League-like "primary" and "secondary" jersey. It would work something like this: Both teams wear their primary ganseys, unless there's a clash. In that case, I'm willing to accede to tradition and have the home team shift to their secondary whites. Would it work, let's look at a random NBA night like tonight and see.

Toronto (Primary: Red) at Charlotte (From next year: Primary: Teal)

Verdict: Very nice. Can't wait for those Hornets' jerseys to be back. I wonder if my parents still have that Starter hat in a box somewhere?

Utah (Primary: Navy) at Boston (Primary: Green)

Verdict: "Blue and green should never be seen," words from my dad, noted sartorial expert. And while most people shouldn't turn to 70-year-old Irishmen for fashion advice, the two jerseys may be a little too close for comfort. Whites for the Celts.

Chicago (Primary: Red) at Indiana (Primary: Yellow)

Verdict: This will probably happen, although I was shocked to learn the Pacers' yellows are currently their alternates, because this is the jersey I associate with the Pacers.

Los Angeles Clippers (Primary: Blue pyjamas. Kidding, it's red) at Orlando (Primary: Blue)

Verdict: Another red vs blue match-up. Works for me. Also, the new primary jersey might give teams license to try things like pinstripes or hoops.

Washington (Primary: Red with stripes) at Philadelphia (Primary: Blue)

Verdict: Red and blue. I sense a theme here. Although, if Washington wants to use their home whites as primary, that would be OK by me.

New Orleans (Primary: Navy) at Memphis (Primary: Navy)

Verdict: Uh-oh. We have a clash. Home whites for the Grizz.

Cleveland (Primary: Red? Wine? Maroon?) at Milwaukee (Primary: Green)

Verdict: I like this. Those Cleveland aways are probably my favourite in the league, with the Brooklyn blacks a close second. And I think the Bucks' jerseys are a classy look as well.

Golden State (Primary: Blue) at Minnesota (Primary: Light blue)

Verdict: We've got the blues, so the T-Wolves wear their whites.

Phoenix (Primary: Purple) at San Antonio (Primary: Black)

Verdict: Can we get away with this? I'd like to think we could get away with this. May have to see it in person to be sure, though.

Dallas (Primary: Light blue) at Oklahoma City (Primary: White)

Verdict: I've made white the Thunder's main jersey because I think they're one of the few teams to have a home jersey that looks better than their road ones and we're going to need a Fulham or two. But that might just be saying more about how boring their jerseys are than anything else.

So there you have it. A way to make the NBA better looking without making any major changes. Of course, there are still things like alternates to factor into the matter/bottom line. But all-in-all I think it's improvement. What do you think?

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