Can You Imagine This?

Let me paint the perfect picture for you...

The date is Friday, November 1st, 2013.

Seattle or "South Alaska" for those with east coast bias, has become the latest hotbed in our national professional sports scene.

Why, you might ask?

This guy has led our beloved Seahawks to an 8-0 start and has the team buzzing with Super Bowl aspirations with a big show down this Sunday (Nov. 3rd) against Tampa Bay.



Meanwhile, Eddie has led the Sounders into the playoffs for the 5th consecutive year (even after starting out 0-3-2). Last night they came away with 2-0 victory on the road and they play the 2nd leg of the first round at home next Wednesday, Nov 6th. Thus giving them a chance to advance into the 2nd round for only the 2nd time in their young history in the MLS.



And most importantly, this guy is playing at the Key tonight after the new Seattle SuperSonics franchise drafted him in the first round back in June. This was just days after the NBA Relocation and Finance Committee finally approved the sale/relocation to the Hansen/Ballmer group. Even though Stern said the Sac Group was about 85% there in terms of a matching offer and wanted just a few more days before the vote.



For the first time in over 5 years we have men's professional basketball being played at the Key. Season tickets to the new Sonics inaugural season sold out in just 40 minutes. In just 20 minutes, 7,000 fans picked up their "NBA @ Safeco" passes to watch the first game on the big screen at Safeco field. (After a sale of the Mariners 4 months ago, new majority owner Mark Cuban has teamed up with the Sonics on tonight's festivities, along with the new RSN "Emerald Sports" that is televising tonight's game.) Naturally, Calabro will be calling it.

Tonight's planned festivities include the re-retiring of #'s 1, 10, 19, 24, 32, 43 and the retiring of #'s 40 & 20. And the re-raising of the 1979 Championship Banner

Since tonight's game is against the Denver Nuggets, it is only fitting that George Karl is the first name that is going up in the "Sonics Rings of Honor".

What a great time to be a Seattle Sports Fan!


After months of quiet discussion, the NHL and the Levin/Gretzky group have reached an agreement to purchase and move the Coyote's to Seattle. As a surprise to most, other local investors of the group include Jeff Besos, Mark Piggott, and Jim Sinegal. There is a press conference scheduled at the new "Windows Arena" site which broke ground last month.

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