Let's be honest about what happened here and what is happening in Sacramento

I often see people make comments about Stern helping Sacramento as if that is somehow the wrong thing to do. Long before Hansen had an agreement with the Maloofs, David Stern had been quoted many times saying relocation is something he does not like to have happen.

Sacramento has come forward with an ownership group and an arena deal. Yes both are inferior to what we have by far but still in short time they fought as hard as possible while working with the NBA to save their team.

Remember, our politicians did NOTHING but basically say screw the NBA don't ask us for anything. Our legislature didn't want to approve $75 million. If they approved that the city of Seattle would have got a $30 million check from Clay Bennett but they never even discussed it. The state was offering no assistance and the city was weak and had no determination to make something happen unlike Sacramento which was the complete opposite. You think KJ would cut a deal to let the Kings out of a lease to leave town? Never.

We can pretend he didn't try at all in Seattle but the fact is that David Stern personally came here to speak with our political leaders. There was no offer from our side. There was a cold shoulder. There was no welcoming attitude at all.

In Sacramento it is the exact opposite. They are very welcoming and bending over backwards to accommodate the Sacramento Kings.

NEITHER cities fans deserved to lose their teams but our politicians basically gave our team away, they didn't lose them or have them taken. No one wanted to own the Sonics in Seattle because the Key Arena lease was a money loser and the politicians were not willing to work with team owners.

We were sold out by politicians. Yes Howard Schultz is to blame too but he was done owning the Sonics and the only qualified buyers wanted to move the team. He could have gotten more money and sold them to a guy guaranteed to move them but instead he took less and made an agreement with the buyer that he would have to try to keep the team here which mean getting an arena built. Of course we know what Clay's real intentions were. Remember Howard Schultz tried to take him to court which no one gives him any credit for.

If we had done then what Sacramento has just done we would have kept our team no doubt. Clay came with a BS offer but be real, any offer that involved even 1 penny was not going to be taken seriously by our leaders at that time. Even the majority of our citizens would have been against it which is why that law was passed by a large margin saying they had to make a profit of a certain amount in order to invest in an arena.

Sacramento is being sold out by vindictive owners rather than politicians. That is the main difference here. Most NBA owners refuse to sale to someone who will move the team because they usually care about their bond with that city. Even Howard Schultz fits in this category because he truly did all he could really do by refusing to sale to the guy guaranteed to move and having a clause that the guy he sold to put in a good faith effort to build an arena in Seattle. The Maloofs make Howard Schultz look like a hero. They are doing the opposite of what owners usually do. They are refusing to sale to anyone who WILL keep the team in Sacramento. That is ass backwards man. Our situation was NOT worse than that.

When we are the "victims" our perspective is completely different. We need to have the ability to see things from someone else's perspective sometimes.

I am 100% fine and happy that Chris Hansen is doing what he is doing. I'm fine with rooting for the "bad guys" in this business transaction. I have no regret and I am proud to be a part of the group he is doing this for. Some of you guys gotta just be more realistic about what's going down because its not good to wear blinders or be in denial.

Being realistic in a situation and being fair rather than putting on blinders does not lower credibility it raises it. I want our Sonics back. I want Chris Hansen to do whatever it takes just like all of you. However, I will not participate in the group think that is going on that somehow Sacramento deserves their team less than us and Chris Hansen is not doing the same thing Clay Bennett did just because Hansen is telling the truth.

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