The Curious Case of the Briefly Appearing and Then Suddenly Missing TrueHoop Blog Post from Kevin Pelton

I'm curious to know why I was able to find a cached copy of this blog post when searching Google News, yet the post does not exist on the ESPN TrueHoop (fake-ass) corporate blog site. ..not a knock on the writers, they're good...wish they had the funds to do this independently instead of having their talent yoked to the slave-wagon of their dirty masters, Stern and ESPN.

Here's the cached version from the wayback machine, and as of now the article is still not hosted on in any way (but all links in this FP do go to legitimate sites):

And then here's the actual link to the blog where it briefly resided during the period in which it was published on TrueHoop:

Was it just a draft and Pelton didn't mean to hit 'publish, 'then had to delete it right away? He must have deleted it quickly because it didn't get tweeted or FB-Liked even once before it was deleted. Too bad for ESPN they couldn't beat the cache maker. Haha!

Did they realize it's mostly full of bullshit and think better of publishing it? Or did it conflict with his "Seattle ready to fight" post he probably had already started on? Such possibilities...obviously inconsequential in the scheme of things, but anytime the corner of the cover comes off the media world, I'm always fascinated.

Just found it very interesting our "local" espn blogger published a story that probably wouldn't go over well with us (the most likely readers of his stuff, I'd guess), when the milquetoast angle ain't sellin' here now...then again, maybe he decided not to post it after reading the comments at SR and then accidentally did so later on. I would be reading everything on this site if I were covering NBA from this market. Anyway, predictably it spews almost verbatim the company's standard line for the defeatist-slash-'let's not piss the NBA off' institutional platitudes. Insulting much? How utterly convenient for David Stern. Two birds with one stone! Get your way and kick Seattle bball fans in the balls in one fell swoop!

Better yet, while I was crawling around trying to figure out why the actual link to Pelton's blog post doesn't work, I found a couple gems from JA Adande. If you don't like him, you should at least know he's probably at least partially in our corner here...I don't know if he thinks we should have the Kings, but he definitely wants the Sonics here. He tweeted back in 2011 that if the Sonics and Grizz were still around (Grizzlies in the 'couve) he'd pray for them to make the WCF every year. I don't really know what the context was and I suppose it could even have been a backhanded compliment, but I loved that anyway...very few NBA guys even utter the word Sonics in their regular beat, ever. Keeps us alive in a way.

I just had one more thought...I don't understand some people. I guess I'm just ruthless now since I've gotten shit-sticked by the NBA too many times now, but I literally can no longer fathom the sentimentality for small markets. If I lived in Boston, would I give two shits whether the Kings were still in Sacramento? NOPE. In fact, if it means having the Sonics to play against again, no question which team I want. Fans from other big cities shouldn't want to play against the Cowtown Heifers out in the sticks. They should want another metropolitan fanbase to lose all decorum with/against.

Yeah, and just for the trolls, who won't even read those articles, suck an egg, brah. You're a charity case...don't stand in the welfare line and hurl stones at us, just because a raw material shortage has us about to melt your Pacer down and turn it into a brand new Benz (that's for you Detlef!). Your situation was friggin' cake compared to ours, and that's how your artificial 'victory' came about. Face it, we're smarter and better looking than you. Natural selection wins again.

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