Nothing to Vote On Yet

Stuart Franklin

Still no deal between Glendale and potential NHL owners.

The Glendale City Council met yet again on Tuesday to discuss the lease negotiations with a potential NHL ownership group that is trying to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in town. As of the end of that meeting, there was nothing to vote on.

It's important to note that, while this certainly wasn't a good day for fans in Arizona, this is still their game to lose. The ball is still in their court. They are still negotiating. Deadlines can be broken if the NHL wants to stay badly enough. We should be very used to this idea by now.

Click here to read about the meeting at

Here are some highlights from that article by Paul Giblin.

Council members are seeking more assurances from the prospective owners of the Phoenix Coyotes that hockey will be a money-making venture.

Acting City Manager Dick Bowers will continue negotiations...It's still possible that the council could vote on the matter Tuesday, (City spokeswoman Julie) Frisoni said.

"We're still going back to them," Councilman Gary Sherwood said. "We're still not satisfied with what we have (revenue streams from ownership to City), so the whole mix can change.

Councilwoman Norma Alvarez, a vocal opponent of spending for professional sports, called her colleges knuckleheads for continuing negotiations with Renaissance.

When asked to clarify her statement, Alvarez replied, "I called them knuckleheads, because they don't get it. They don't get it. They don't get it. They're going to continue discussions. Discussions of what? We're selling City Hall because of paying $50 million. C'mon. C'mon."

Then we have the tweets below from Fox Sports Arizona's Craig Morgan, following the meeting. He seems a little frustrated. Who can blame him?

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 5h
No deal points will be released by Glendale City Council Wed. b/c there is still no deal w/RSE after an executive session.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 4h
@ChiTownSports Am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. Nothing surprises me in this bizarre saga.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 5h
The #Coyotes ownership saga continues.

Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganfoxaz 5h
The council has another private session on Friday that has been scheduled for some time. Will continue to discuss RSE proposal.

I still think this could go either way. Be hopeful, but don't get your hopes up.

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