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I'm really hoping to see a lot of people at the UW alumni game, and want to parrot what Brian said about there being a post-game after-party, possibly even with some player cameos. I hope everyone who can will support that awesome event, and I think it's gonna be a huge success for all involved in the planning and organizing. It's about time we start to very publicly celebrate our region's extremely rich basketball history.

I think there's also room, however, and possibly later in the summer, for a SR BBQ or other outdoor party, organically organized, planned and executed by the SonicsRising community. Maybe even partly as a way to say thanks to the amazing people who keep this Sonics community and fan site running and fresh-to-def day in and day out, meaning that volunteer site users take on the responsibility of getting things going and coalesced into a plan, then execute it on their own, ideally so that nobody who actually works for the site has to do more than just show up.

Speedcat and I have unpredictable schedules and have said we can't really commit major consecutive hours of effort to putting it together. I imagine that's the same story for pretty much everyone, but if anyone actually wants to take a larger role, with the right amount of tact that opportunity should be there for the taking. Nevertheless, that shouldn't really be necessary as long as more than a couple people are willing to contribute.

Potlucks work well for this scenario. As do outdoor barbecues, and spacious parks with gorgeous skylines (hint, hint).

Anyway, here's our dartboard. Let's start throwing out some ideas and see what sticks.

Playhouse likes Alki, as do I and some others, I think. Coming to Seattle from south Everett isn't an issue for me, and I grew up in Kenmore anyway. Golden Gardens might be another possibility. A sign-up sheet for food would be really easy to put together. This is very much in its infancy, so there's no rush either. But I think it's a fantastic idea, and I really hope we can pull it together and celebrate ourselves, the movement, our team and our love of basketball under the golden sunshine of a late summer Seattle afternoon.



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