Kohl 'Close to Adding Owners' For Bucks

From Kevin Calabro on Twitter comes a story from Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times that Herb Kohl's attempts to secure further investment in the Milwaukee Bucks appear to be bearing some fruit.

He writes:

In the last week I’ve talked to some individuals who have been monitoring the Bucks’ impending sale and they claim Kohl has already rejected overtures from two groups interested in buying the Bucks and relocating them to another city.

Well, that's interesting. Of course there's no way of knowing who the groups are, or if they're a ploy to snap local interest to attention.

Anyway, more from the article:

There was a perception then Kohl would remain the Bucks majority owner and the sale process could take up to a year. Now, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I’m hearing Kohl will likely give up total control of the franchise, although it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities the new ownership group would smartly retain him in some capacity, perhaps as the team’s "ambassador."

The people I spoke with contend the sale will probably occur sooner than later. In fact, I’ve been told a deal could be consummated by late April or early June. The Bucks, who have the worst record in the NBA and are already out of the playoff mix, will play their last game of the season April 16 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

If a deal is sealed around that time, the new ownership would still have time to decide the fates of their top basketball operations officials, not to mention their coaching staff, before the ever-so-important NBA draft June 26 and free agency period that begins July 1.

Now that's interesting. Not at least for the fact that the deal could be sealed in April or June, but not May. A new majority owner? I'm guessing Kohl wouldn't sell to someone other than someone with Wisconsin connections or some billionaire who loves the Packers/Laverne and Shirley/Bernie Brewer. That said, they would still have to get an arena built, and it would appear that unless the (still very prospective and very hypothetical) new owners are willing to stump up the cash themselves, they would seem to have an uphill battle.

Still, it seems one way or another the fate of the Bucks is tied to ours, so it's worth keeping an eye on regardless if you're on "Team Get Sorted Out Milwaukee So We Can Start Dreaming Of Expansion" or "Team Hate To See This Happen, But If They Have To Go Somewhere..."

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