An E-Mail from an OKC fan

Today I received an e-mail with the subject heading of "SonicsRising - A thank you from Loud City"

Instead of describing the e-mail from Randall, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, I got his permission to post the e-mail in full here:

I apologize in advance for the incoming wall of text, but I felt the need to reach out to you guys.

I have to be honest...anytime that I've seen anything SuperSonics related, I automatically cringe. As a lifetime resident of OKC, it's been very frustrating, and sometimes very upsetting, to see the comments and social media responses from a lot of residents in Seattle, making the move very personal towards the residents and fans of the Thunder. While I sympathize with how some of the events went down, my sympathy quickly evaporates any time I see name calling or lack of class by the media or fans towards the fans, residents, or the Oklahoma City Thunder themselves, such as KIRO's "Former Sonics" graphics or Bill Simmons "Zombie Sonics" shtick that he did.

Which leads me to SonicsRising. As I was watching the evening news (gosh, writing that makes me feel old, and I'm only 27!), I heard that Steve Ballmer had put in a bid to buy the Clippers. The first thing that came to mind after I heard that was, you guessed it, Seattle. After doing online search about it, I read more about it on CBS Sports. I noticed a link to your site because of the article about how complicated that whole thing is. I thought "I bet this will be interesting", completely expecting something ill towards the move and OKC. After reading the article, I looked around and read a couple of more articles, and stumbled upon the one about Ibaka's injury. The last line of "Good luck Loud City" is what hit me.

So, what's the whole message out of this? Thank you guys for staying classy and changing my mind about the city of Seattle. Your site definitely made my day. I hope one day that Seattle will get a team. Can you imagine the rivalry would be??

Thanks again,


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