There is a tiny chance Steve Ballmer's deadline to buy the Clippers could be in jeopardy

Donald and Shelly Sterling, the train wreck continues - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Donald And Shelly Sterling had a doctor over for an exam, dinner, and drinks.
When I say it like that, I can see why Donald Sterling's lawyers are saying that there was something wrong with the examination that allowed Shelly to take control of the Sterling family trust, and sell the franchise to Steve Ballmer.
Here is the Associated Press reported this part if the story:

Dr. Meril Sue Platzer testified that she was hired by Sterling's wife, Shelly Sterling, to evaluate him and made the diagnosis based on imaging tests and a two-hour interview at his home with his wife and an attorney present.
"After it was over," she said. "I told him and Mrs. Sterling that he probably has Alzheimer's."
"What was his reaction?" asked Pierce O'Donnell, an attorney for Sterling's wife.
"I'm hungry. I want to eat," Platzer said.
Sterling trial gets underway after delay, AP

I know that it sounds nuts. Donald Sterling has a two hour examination and his reaction is "I'm hungry. I want to eat." Good thing more than one person is reporting on this case. Here is this other part from Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated with a little context:

Platzer testified that she examined Donald Sterling at his home on May 19 and determined he suffers cognitive impairment consistent with Alzheimer’s.
Platzer, however, acknowledged that her visit incorporated social elements. Most notably, Platzer, Shelly Sterling and Donald Sterling would later dine and have drinks. Watch for Donald Sterling’s attorneys to portray Platzer as failing to conduct a proper medical examination. If they can undermine Platzer’s testimony, Levanas would be more inclined to find Shelly Sterling lacked the necessary confirmation of two physicians that Donald Sterling was incapacitated.
Donald Sterling no-shows for first day of lawsuit against wife in Clippers case,

I don't know about you, but, I've never had dinner and drinks with my doctor. As absurd as it sounds, with Donald Sterling "possibly" having Alzheimer's disease, and the racist rants secretly taped and then he basically repeats the same stuff freely in an interview on CNN …there is a chance that the judge could throw out the exam. Yes, it's slim.
Michael McCann expects Donald Sterling's lawyers to really go after the doctor on Tuesday, and they should, that's their job. Mr Sterling submitted to scans. They can't refute them. But what was the nature of the two hour exam? Was it professional? Was it something else? Was he aware that there was an exam going on?
Can the judge compel him to be reexamined? There might not be sufficient time to have another exam and then get back into court before the clock runs out on Steve Ballmer's offer. Ballmer's offer is good until July 15th when the NBA is set to vote on the sale of the franchise. The sale can only happen if Shelly wins this court case, otherwise, the NBA will take action in September.
One more time, there is a tiny chance that Donald Sterling can run out the clock on Steve Ballmer's offer by convincing a judge to question the professionalism of the doctor that examined him. I do not expect that to happen, not that I know anything except by casual observations of Donald Sterling being interviewed, and his rambling. I'm not a doctor, and neither is the judge.
p. s. The media isn't doing us any favors by pulling a quote out of context. They could do better.

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