Brian Robinson

El hefe.

Founder/Leader, passionate about the Sonics, his family, and his community, and all around good guy.


Fans and Customers


The long road to acquiring an NBA franchise in Seattle can test patience and morale.

Wishful Thinking?


The mentality of a sports fan is always a mixed bag. On one hand it is glorious how fans can embrace hope and sustain belief despite what precedent and facts may tell them.  The unwavering belief...

Keeping Perspective


It is amazing how perception of events can vary based on how those events are presented to the public. This has been demonstrated pretty convincingly over the last 2 weeks as fans have ridden the...

Finding Success and Friendship as a Loser


One year ago today the NBA Board of Governors voted against the sale of the Sacramento Kings to Chris Hansen. Despite the fact that it was my anniversary I spent most of that day on the air with...

Weekend Gossip


I'm going to violate protocol here and throw up a quickie article that it unedited and unpolished, but necessary as the last thread gets too long to deal with. The last week has featured a...

Happy Election Day!


It has been a tough election cycle at times. Let's celebrate together and start to move forward!

I'm Hosting a Party TONIGHT!


As a non-Seattle voter I cannot cast a vote for the Mayor of Seattle but I am doing my part to support my chosen candidate by being vocal in my support.  I encourage all of you to make a couple...

My 2 Week Notice


Friends, I want to let you all know that following the election it is my intention to take a substantial step back from this site as well as the unofficial leadership role I have played in the...

SonicsGate Endorses Kshama Sawant


More politics and more proof that in basketball we just don't all see eye to eye.  Much love and respect to my brothers at Sonicsgate. Sonicsgate endorses Kshama Sawant for Seattle City...

11 More Days


Don't fret good people. Mike Baker and I sit on different sides of the fence and we may get testy with each other occasionally but we are good friends.  There was a moment a couple of weeks ago...

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