March Madness, As We Know It, Started in Seattle in 1984

In yet a further display of Seattle's rich basketball tradition, David Eskenazi and Steve Rudman of Sportspress NW detail how the 1984 Final Four in Seattle transformed the college basketball championship tourney and gave rise to the craze that would come to be known as March Madness. Need more reasons, NBA?

Maloofs as Potential NHL Las Vegas Owners?

Buried in The Globe and Mail's David Shoalts' article on potential NHL expansion from March 18 is word that two potential ownership groups have arisen in a Vegas bid for a team: a group led by Jerry Bruckheimer, and one consisting of the Maloof family.

Save Our Bucks Clarifies Milwaukee Arena Sitch

Grassroots Bucks fan organization lays out the various pieces of the current arena situation in Milwaukee to help cut through general perceptions and misconceptions.

Phil Jackson Pondering Offer for Knicks Front Office?

Phil Jackson, once attached to join the Kings office in the proposed Seattle move, has reportedly been offered an FO gig with the New York Knicks.

Former NBA Player Cliff Robinson is on CBS's Survivor

Personal Claim to Fame: Playing 18 years in the NBA. (Played for the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets) Robinson had some skills on both ends of the floor, and a good all around game. Good luck, "uncle" Cliffy!

"The Glove" Sonics jersey

With the recent "nickname game" played between the Nets and Heat, is now selling Hardwood Classics jerseys with players' nicknames on them, including a Sonics "The Glove" jersey. But where's the "Reignman" one?

Bettman: Hockey in Seattle Would be Fun

Gary Bettman thinks it would be fun to give Vancouver a geographical rival.

Adam Silver Asserts Himself as Not David Stern

Adam Silver makes it clear that he is not David Stern, but doesn't answer the question of using Seattle as NBA leverage.

The evolution of the Rick Roll

It just gets better and better!

Even better than McGinn's assist

What is it with politicians and assists these days? McGinn's assist in that pro-am game last summer was plenty impressive But Education Secretary Arne Duncan's over-the-shoulder blind pass at the NBA celebrity game this weekend was even more spectacular. Duncan did play college basketball and even some pro ball overseas though, so when it comes to the surprise factor McGinn's is still the most extraordinary.

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