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Daily Roundup 11.17.05

"We want to be sure the losses actually continue, otherwise we look like idiots."

In a great story today the "Fire Wally" clan has responded to the slow start with thier usual team first mentality. If you're in this group remember that it is is much more important for you to be right than it is to hope for the team to improve. If you are voting for the team to suck, and worry you may just look like an idiot check out their new website.

Gary Washburn of the PI brings lots of interesting tidbits to the table in his notebook section. Washburn points out that Rick Brunson appears to be healed up from the plantar faciitis that has bothered him early in the season. Flip Murray is still suffering from a hurt back, and Vladi Radmanovic intends to shut up about minutes. We're starting to see some good signs from Vladi and I like his quote in this piece.

"No more," he said. "No more. I am not talking about minutes again. I said what I had to say about my minutes. If you want to talk about the game, let's talk about the game."

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times presents a feel-good article about the team after this big win. The highlight of it in my book is Bob Weiss finally sounding like he's committing to a rotation.

"We found a rotation that we like [and] a starting lineup that we like," Sonics coach Bob Weiss said. "I'm happy with that."

Don't forget KJR's David Locke and his terrific game notes and simublog. I'm kissing up to David a bit this year because I think he's really stepped up the quantity and overall quality of his basketball analysis. This blog is amazing and his pre and post game commentary has just been right on.