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Daily Roundup 10.11.06

Are you ready for some basketball?

It's a Blunt party, apparently.

Everybody's Talkin' ...

Your starting lineup for tonight's preseason matchup:
Luke, Ray, Rashard, Wilcox, and Petro.

Bob Hill sez:

"I could very easily start Nick," said Hill. "He's earned it. I could very easily start Robert. He's earned it. I could very easily start Damien at three.

"My thinking is who's the best bench? That's my concern. I need to have a good bench."

Which was also my rationale in the discussion we had a few days ago. Swift can more easily develop his post up skills with the second unit as a primary scoring option, instead of being 4th or 5th option in the starting lineup.

Another fine Nick Collison article from Gary Washburn. I'd really, really like to see Nick have a breakout season this year...I was hoping actually he'd have it last year but no time like the present.

"This is the most comfortable and confident I've felt at the beginning of the year," he said. "There's no second-guessing now. For a while I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. But now I feel like I know what kind of player I am and what I bring. So I am looking forward to getting minutes and showing how I have improved."

Sene continues to make strides, according to Bob Hill.

Sene will make his NBA debut tonight when the Sonics travel to the Rose Garden to play the Portland Trail Blazers in a preseason game. He is expected to come off the bench as the third center behind projected starter Johan Petro and Robert Swift.

Man, I'd love to see or even hear this debut ...

Allow me an annoying self-indulgent pause here, I can not get KTTH no matter how hard I've tried, I'd really like to listen to this game, if you have a solution that doesn't involve me having to drive up to Everett feel free to post it. I mean, what am I supposed to do in the meantime, watch both MLB playoff games simultaneously?

It'th ludicrouth!

Seriously though, crush the Blazers. They deserve it.

All Earl wants for Christmas is for Kenny Adeleke to invest in some elbow pads.

Yo Earl, your solution bro:

Left hand column, second on up from the bottom. If you were any more tasteful, you'd have to be a professional boxer.

Steve Kelley profiles Brandon Roy. I don't know why I'm giving Kelley the pub other than B-Roy seems genuinely nice. Good luck B-Roy. You'll need it. Because your team pretty much blows goats. Ask Kelley, he knows goat blowing when he sees it.

I think we could all use some good news, couldn't we? Something light hearted to make us laugh this morning? Look no further Roundup readers, I got your back.

Did nobody check the record, check the record, check the guy's track record? I predict that at this time next year Karl will want to trade Melo, bitch about how his players don't respect the game, and bring up the North Carolina job at every opportunity. Stan Kroenke, thy name is idiot.

And where would we be without Frank Hughes, who's always good for tidbits like these:

[Ray Allen] said he was the heaviest he has ever reported to camp – 207 pounds, up from 204. He said his body fat is the highest it has ever been – 7.8 percent, up from 6.5 percent. He said he had to change his diet somewhat, eating more blueberries and nuts and cutting back on sweets.

The Frank Hughes/Ray Allen diet, folks. I tried eating more fruits and nuts too, until I read that business about you are what you eat. So I'm sticking strictly to cheese these days. You might have noticed.

And a last reminder to join the fun with Slick Watts at Goofy's tomorrow night before holding Nick Licata accountable later in the evening. Please show up folks, don't let the naysayers and goofballs have the last word. And listen for Brian all over Seattle radio today.

Give it up for the hardest working fan in Seattle!