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Daily Roundup 12.12.06

Locke praises Nick Collison and says he's a major reason why the Sonics are winning.

On the high pick-and-roll, Nick is athletic enough to “string” the defender along until the ballhandler’s man recovers from the pick. “Stringing” takes strong fundamentals. The goal is to hold a perpendicular line to the ballhandler’s path. The slightest movement toward the ball handler off that line or retreat will open up a gap for the drive.

Finally, despite the fact that he is not hitting on all cylinders, Nick is a threat to score. Teams have to guard Nick. He doesn’t impose fear with his offensive game, but the belief around the league is if you don’t pay attention to him he will beat you. Sometimes that is enough to open up opportunities for teammates.

That's actually true ... even though he hasn't been much of a threat to score, teams play him in the post like he's Chicago Bulls-era Brad Miller. And believe me that's not a bad thing.

Good stuff on the Locker Room Show and if you're in the South Sound check out the viewing party tonight at Latitude 84 in Tacoma ...

Frank "I can't write about what goes on on the floor" Hughes starts his latest round of stirring the pot by writing about whether Rashard Lewis will or won't opt out. Can I be the first to say who the f*ck cares? Seriously. I really. Don't. Care. Not at this point anyways with the team set to embark on a road trip playing well against some teams they usually have success with. The Sonics are a combined 8-2 vs. Milwaukee and Chicago over the last 5 years and the notion that Rashard and his agent could be playing good cop bad cop on the Sonics front office really makes no difference to me Frank. If the Sonics don't make the playoffs this year there could and likely will be wholesale changes throughout the organization. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it and focus on how the team's playing for once.

“I guess a lot more will be made clear this weekend when I sit down and talk to him,” Lewis said. “I am not really even worried about it. It eventually will take care of itself as long as I continue to play basketball and continue to get better. If we are having a bad season, then maybe they want to figure it out by going in a different direction.”

That last statement seems unlikely. It appears that Lewis is simply one of the last priorities in a long list that included finalizing the ownership change, re-signing Luke Ridnour and then Nick Collison, and pulling together a plan to pursue funding for a new arena with the state Legislature in January.

I love the editorializing in the last comment. "Lewis is one of the last priorities." Yeah, that's not slanted or anything. Moving on ...

P-I's got a pair of nice articles. One says the team can't wait to get the new ball back.

"I figured they would go back to the leather ball, but I didn't think they would do it this quick," said Sonics forward Rashard Lewis, who once referred to the new ball as "terrible." "I figured (the change) would be more after the season and to give the guys the summer to work out with the leather ball. But now it's time to readjust."

The other features Damien Wilkins, who seems to enjoy his starting role.

"Coach hasn't had to come and call a lot of plays. I just let my offense feed off my defense," he said. "It's all about making plays and putting yourself in the right position at the right time. The best way is to come out aggressively. When you know everybody is confident, the easiest thing to do is come out and play basketball."

Percy says the Sonics don't look to be bidders in the AI sweepstakes and that's a sweepstakes I'm glad I didn't enter.

RIP crappy NBA ball. We hardly knew ye.