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Daily Roundup Feb 2, 2006

A great 3rd quarter comeback and win last night over the Warriors featuring a near-double double by Robert "Bacardi" Swift got lost in arena chest beating. City Council chairman Nick Licata opened his mouth and fell right in.

When asked if the city would suffer lasting damage if the Sonics moved, Licata said: "On an economic basis, near zero. On a cultural basis, close to zero. We would still have two sports, and plenty of cities our size don't have three."

That statement is so arrogant and condescending I'm speechless.

And there aren't too many positive comments in this article about the Sonics' efforts in the state legislature.

Put simply, I think the Sonics aren't very good at PR. They don't have a spokesperson who's immediately likeable that can rally public support to their cause and that's part of the problem. But some of the comments I'm hearing from politicians on this issue illustrate a huge disconnect. It's sad.