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Teams defense still struggling so ownership decides to go on offensive

Please take a moment to cut and paste the e-mail addresses below and contact the Seattle City Council in support of the Sonics Arena situation. We face the real possibility of losing our team and the Seattle Center in its current form if we do not speak out at this time.

Forgive me for passing out midway through last night’s game against the Warriors. These 60 hour work weeks, combined with a nasty flu, and my turn to put the kids to bed resulted in falling fast asleep at halftime. Oddly enough it appears that my timing coincided perfectly with the team deciding to wake up.

What I saw in the first half was a defensive effort very reminiscent of the last loss against Portland. The Warriors were able to penetrate and dish effectively to set up a smooth flowing offense. Once these plays got their offensive juices flowing they had a great rhythm to begin converting jump shots effectively.

I’m a huge fan of “Bacardi” Swift but feel that the last couple of games are probable an indication that teams are getting an improved scouting report on him, and on the team's play when he’s in the middle. One of Swift’s greatest attributes is his commitment to affecting every shot on his watch. He either tries to block the shot or shows to the ball on almost every possession. Now the opposition is using that tendency to draw him out of position and exploit the middle. Swift will need to use his aggressiveness more judiciously, trust his teammates a little more, and not move towards the ball on every possession. He’s big enough that if he camps in the middle a bit the ball will come to him.

Anyway they pulled out and won the game and I’m thrilled. I cannot remember many come from behind wins this year and feel that the ability to recover from poor play and get back into it is critical for the development of a winning mentality. This was a big one for Coach Hill.

While Swifty may be a tad overaggressive on defense the ownership pulled out all the stops as they unleashed a new offensive to get a new arena. Last night the tandem of Shultz and Walker came out with the big guns, threats to move, threats to sell, direct references to conversations with other mayors, and a demand for a new arena. Best yet they identified a new public enemy number 1 for sports fans in Councilman Nick Licata who’s recent comments that the team has “No cultural or economic value whatsoever” as so asinine that they could potentially unify even the most casual of sports fans.

Personally I am happy that this has finally started. I believe that it was Jim Moore of the Seattle-PI who wrote an article earlier this year which explained the nuts and bolts of this situation in terms that I understood:

There is a process to everything. The Sonics need a new arena to be competitive. That fact is almost undisputed. The process to getting a new arena involves threatening the city. It is ALWAYS a prerequisite to getting the funding together. City Officials almost cannot in good conscious prioritize time or money to this venture until a threat is issued. Therefore if you want the team to stay this threat is a good thing. It means that the fooling around has stopped and the negotiating has started. I’m glad the team has stopped waiting for a groundswell of support to originate from Council. Here’s a Hint: NOTHING ORIGINATES IN COUNCIL

I’ve dealt with Councilman Licata’s office in the past on an issue of zoning and land use. During that time I found them to be completely out of touch with reality as he is in this instance. It is an affront to sports fans and to the basic concept of diversity to assume that since he finds no value in the NBA our entire city finds none. While a comment to the effect of “Cultural impact is a difficult thing to measure” may have had some bearing he makes it a point to say that the time I spend with my son watching professional sports means nothing. It is offensive.

I highly urge you all to contact Councilman Licata’s office with your opinions on this matter. Additionally I think that an apology should be demanded for this comment.

I'm off my soapbox and onto another heavily medicated nap. Damn this flu season!

Peace out!

Just paste this into your e-mail to contact the entire council;,,,,,,,,

phone: (206) 684-8803