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Daily Roundup Mar 3, '06

Here's the best piece I've yet seen written on the Earl Watson trade. Bow down to the amazing Revvin' Kevin Pelton.

And while you're doing that you can check out his piece on Noel Felix too.

So it's Friday, thank God. This week has crawled by at work and I for one am very glad to soon be chillin' watching the Supes take on the Detroit Pistons tonight. Frank Hughes asks are this year's Pistons the best team in NBA history?

Nice article by Gary Washburn on the Pistons team chemistry and on building team chemistry in general.

Some reporter I've never read on the P-I sports page before chips in with a new arena article.

Not surprisingly, the Sonics don't want a public referendum on an arena. I don't blame them at all because it gives dimwit I-don't-want-to-pay-for-anything NIMBYs like Tim Eyman cause to bitch even more than they do now. And we all know the Legislature would override it even if it was denied. Here's the Sonic counteroffer -- they'll pay for cost overruns.

Yuck, too much arena stuff for one day. Have a great weekend everybody !

Enjoy this for some off-topic hilarity. If you hate Creed's over-earnest wankfest posturing you'll love this.