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A possible smokescreen

Look at the different mock drafts around the internet and you'll see the gamut of players we will supposedly choose with our first pick. It seems if we had to have a consensus, that player would be Shelden Williams. I like Shelden, and I trust our front office for their draft savvy. It just seems like it would crowd the frontcourt if resigning Wilcox is truly a "priority". At least Shelden plays defense, which is a good thing; heck it's a great thing for the Sonics.

However another player that shows up on the mock drafts for Seattle is Ronnie Brewer; the player that Dave Pendergraff says is the best perimeter defender in the draft. I have watched him play many times on video, and he is talented and athletic, but I didn't see him play much defense. Not that he can't, just that I didn't see it on display. You can see the games here:

Ronnie is being compared favorably to a couple of Dallas players in Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels. He is a player that can play 3 positions, and one of the new breed of versatile 6'6"-6'8" do everything players we have seen in the playoffs lately like Boris Diaw. So I am wondering why we haven't brought Ronnie Brewer in for a workout? I read somewhere that there are plans to bring him in, but his name has not shown up on the official lists on the Sonic's website. Why wait? If you are impressed, time is getting short to bring him in a second time.

A player with this level of versatility would be a good fit on a very full roster. A player who only does "one thing" might have to be in the right situation to get a roster spot and minutes. But a player who does many things would be easier to plug into the roster where there are few minutes to go around.

Is Ronnie Brewer the guy that Seattle really wants, but is being coy, not tipping their hand? I think it is possible that Seattle wants Brewer, and is using the smokescreen to protect itself.