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Daily Wilcox News!

Couple quick notes from around the league surrounding Chris Wilcox and which teams might be calling the Sonics. First it seems as though John Paxson has Chris high on his wishlist now that he's got Ben Wallace in the fold. Unfortunately, the Bulls don't have money to sign Chris and thus would have to talk with the Sonics about a sign and trade situation. If you look at the guys the writer thnks they'd be willing to part with you'll quickly see why this idea has no legs.

Speaking of rumors that have no legs, how about this doozie where we'd downgrade our PF slot and give up our starting center. I'm attempting to find out where the original rumor came from, if I have any luck I'll pass it on in the comments section. I can't believe this came from anywhere near the Pacific NorthWest as it would simply make no sense for the Sonics.

Last but not least on the national teams which Chris could be looking towards seems to have hit a roadbump as the Atlanta Hawks can no longer sign players for longer than one year. Chalk one up to the legal system!

On the local front, summer league scrimmages are off to a blazing start and it looks like Sene will have his contract done shortly. Those who thought they'd stash him in Europe for the season and this pick was just a money saving venture should take note. Gelabale's agent and the Sonics remain in contact and the Sonics aren't going to look into extending Luke or Nick until Chris' contract is taken care of. Being that he's been considered thier first priority since the end of the season, this makes absolute perfect sense. Even better news from this article is that we're not looking at Doug Christie. I don't think this team needs the distraction that comes along with having Mrs. Christie anywhere near the team.