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Brian's Gelabale Article

I forgot to put this in the roundup this morning but thought we could use some ongoing discussion about Gelabale.

Gelabale Rocks

Rashard Lewis was spotted on the floor at practice but appeared to be rubbing his injured hand repeatedly. The team continues to expect him back during the month of February. Meanwhile his replacement, Mike Gelabale has impressed the staff a great deal, and potentially created a rotation problem upon Lewis’ return. Gelabale has been a key factor in the team’s recently improved play and cannot be relegated to the bench upon Rashard’s return.

(emphasis mine)

“He’ll be in the rotation for significant minutes because of all the intangibles he brings” Hill had to say about his rookie guard/forward.

I still haven't seen if he's going to be in the rookie game, but I hope so. The guy has become my absolute favorite Sonic to watch and is probably one breakout game away from becoming a sensation. His offense and confidence IN his offense seems to be getting better every game. I'm looking forward to seeing him matched up against Melo tonight.