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Sonics Case Moved to Federal Court

Here is my .02 on the issue. I spoke with an attorney who agreed but wanted to look it up to be absolutely sure.

I don't think this is a win or a loss for the Sonics. My understanding, both from the article and my lawyer conversation is that under this concept of diversity anytime there is a dispute between parties from 2 states either party is allowed to demand a move to federal court. That motion is pretty much an automatic on Bennett's part and we are required to oblige.

The real test is still to come. Seattle will likely go to the federal judge and say "In Article XYZ of the subject lease it clearly stipulates that matters and disputes will be tried in King County and this party signed acceptance of those lease terms on Sept. 24, 2006."

Then the Bennett attorneys will make their case why the jurisdiction should be changed and the judge will decide.

Essentially I believe that this move to Federal Court is a part of the process that was inevitable. The story will be whether it gets kicked BACK to King County or not.