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Sorry Portland

Darn that Jayda - She cut off part of my comment. Let me add the pre-amble

Whenever I go down to Portland I realize what a wonderful city it is. I always enjoy myself there, but I grew up in Seattle and when I was growing up we had this pre-concieved notion that it was a terrible place."

"It's in my bones, [Portland] is the armpit under Seattle," said Brian Robinson, a Seattle native who, with Steven Pyeatt, founded Save Our Sonics and Storm. "Detlef Schrempf was on the Portland Trail Blazers and I booed and hissed every time, and I love Detlef, he was a Husky and a Sonic. I will never support the Portland Trail Blazers."

Robinson said if the Sonics left, rather than cheer for the Blazers, he'd be more interested in whether Seattle was going to get another franchise.

"We would start fighting for a new team. [Former Sonics owner] Howard Schultz started this argument too early. He started it four years ago and people are worn out of the monotony of it. The dialogue of people the day after they move, seven days before [governor] Christine Gregoire is due for re-election, will be very different than year four of the same old, same old. The immediate reaction is going to be anger and demand for a new team directed at the league and city officials."