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Works Every Time, Even On Wookiee Chicks

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Give it up for my man Billy Dee,
advertise cheap liquor for a fee ...

Tonight's game is League Pass only? That sucks ...

GW writes that the league has formed a relocation committee

The uncertainty of a legal resolution leaves the league in limbo, since Bennett and his ownership group are bound by their KeyArena lease through the 2009-10 season unless they win their case in Martinez's court.

Even then, any verdict by Martinez could be appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which could extend the legal process another year or more.

"Obviously that's an issue," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said of the impending court process. "But we're at least beginning due diligence on reviewing the application."

Review away boys. You ain't goin' nowhere.

Wally Z To Stay A 6th Man

"I like what he's brought to us. Could he be a starter? Of course he could be a starter. He's been a starter for other chunks of his career, but I also think right now it's best for us to continue bringing him off the bench."

GW also confirms in an article detailing the PG woes that Ridnour was the subject of trade talks with Atlanta for the 11th pick

Jermaine O'Neal at an all-time low, and this from an Indy paper...

Is his trade value also at an all-time low? Maybe. Could he have an eerily Vin Baker-esque collapse at age 29? Maybe.

O'Neal has missed 73 games the past three-plus seasons due to injuries. His latest setback is to his left knee, which required offseason surgery and has limited him to 10 games this season.
"You're always going to be open to criticism in professional sports," said O'Neal, who is averaging 13.2 points -- 11 fewer than in 2004-05. "I know people are saying I'm not the same player I used to be. I accept it because it is what it is. I've been hurt the last few years. I believe once I get over the hump, and I believe I'm going to get over it, I'm going to be the player I was before."
When O'Neal gets healthy is anybody's guess. He might play tonight at Seattle.
The Pacers are 5-1 without him this season, leading many to wonder if they would be better off without him. (They are 84-81 with him in the past three-plus seasons, 44-44 without.) Several scouts who have attended recent games suggested they are better without him because his style doesn't mesh with coach Jim O'Brien's up-tempo offense.

Two things that are a guaranteed waste of time;

reading comments on the P-U, and early morning meetings. I'm about to go 2-for-2.

Have a nice weekend if we don't talk before then.