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Daily Roundup 4.4.07

As expected it wasn't pretty last night but for a 12 minute garbage time stint by Big Mo Sene.

That's not exactly true, as you can glean from the boxscore thread but it's been so long since Mo got minutes I'm fairly dripping with joy.

Frank waxes poetic

If the Seattle SuperSonics are the Titanic, the San Antonio Spurs are the iceberg.
If the Sonics are Pompeii, the Spurs are Vesuvius.

If the Sonics … well, you get the idea.

Supes Feeling Horn-y, Danny Feeling Pain Only a Molar Could Love

Sonics coach Bob Hill said forward Danny Fortson was supposed to go to the dentist Monday for a toothache that kept him home from this two-game trip.

Fortson apparently canceled the appointment, though Hill did not know why.

Percy's take is better

While explaining why a toothache prevented Fortson from joining the team on its two-day trip to San Antonio and Oklahoma City, Hill managed to keep a straight face for 18 seconds before bursting into laughter.

"I heard that they didn't want him to fly because if it were an abscess then it might have burst in the air because of the pressure," Hill said before doubling over laughing. "That's the truth. That's what I heard. ... Can we talk about something else?"

Hill said Fortson was scheduled to visit a dentist on Tuesday but missed the appointment.

Thanks for the image of the exploding abscess in my something out of Gremlins ...

And if that wasn't disturbing enough for you, sounds like Lenny Wilkens is the man in charge for the time being.

Wilkens said he'll also meet with Bennett in the afternoon. Wilkens declined to describe the nature of the meeting, but he didn't anticipate any long-term decisions will be made today.

"After the season, we'll sit down and talk more about those types of things," Wilkens said.

When asked if a decision on coach Bob Hill, who is in the final year of his contract, will be decided immediately after the season, Wilkens said: "From top to bottom everything will be decided. Immediately."

That includes Rashard Lewis, who can opt out of his deal in the offseason and is line for a maximum-level contract. He's likely to draw plenty of attention from the ownership group at the morning meeting.

Board meeting today to determine Hill's future

Speaker of the House, bought and paid for SEIU tool (check his donations on the State website) and arrogant nitwit Frank Chopp is on a one man crusade to prevent an arena vote from going to King County. I think you should let him know how you feel. This is the very epitome of Washingtonian leadership. Apparently Frank has anointed himself "the decider" for the rest of Washington. Your addy is