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Best Wishes to Frank Hughes

It was announced yesterday that Frank Hughes is going to be taking the NFL beat for the tribune next year. Frank gets a lot of flack but is a great guy and his loos is a huge one for the hoops community. He is a great NBA writer and I will miss him a lot at Sonics events. His insight has been an incredibly asset for me and I want to thank him for all his work.

Personally this is a great move for Frank who will have less travel, more time to spend with his family, and increased job security in the face of a potential move. I want to be very clear with him however that we expect the exact same level of blog activity that Mike Sando provided. Get to work Frank!

Lenny Wilkens also out and rumors that Orlando is offering one or more draft picks to entice Seattle to take Carlos Arroyo, Pat Garrity, and other expiring contracts from them. Do you do that deal? I don't dislike Arroyo but these guys would all add to our existing "glut". We really need to find a team that need more depth and send a few players for one larger contract.

Remember, its preseason.