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Make the call

We've done e-mails before but today/tomorrow the request is simple, we want you to make one phone call and spend all day getting friends to do the same:

Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000

Call it, tell them that you are calling in response to the articles last week and the ones you're going to see tomorrow morning. Tell them to be supportive of local investors attempts to buy the team.

Take personal responsibility for 10 phone calls. Call yourself and forward to 9 people.

This is important.

Another name revealed this time Costco head Jim Sinegal. Sinegal and Griffen are NOT the headliners of this group. Bigger and better names await.

Also for reference I was on the air with Groz yesterday. We're trying to be more pro-active in linking audio and video. Thanks to KJR for giving me such a long segment.