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Monday is Clay Day

I won't say I had inside information, but it is now confirmed. CB will be on the docket for Monday afternoon which will put him in the courthouse at 4:00-4:30 when we are all gathering.

I want to re-itterate our request that people be loud and passionate, but also controlled and respectful. We can prove our point in this matter from the high ground and we would not in ANY WAY condone verbally or physically harassing Sonics ownership. Leave that to Paul Lawrence.

Also repeating that if you go inside the courtroom be prepared to be in a courtroom. Do not heckle. Do not make a scene. Do not shout insults. Do none of it. Remember if you do Bennetts attorneys are likely to turn, point at you and say "See your honor! This is why you have to let us leave. Even our own fans have turned against us and the relationship is dysfunctional."

Thanks to Jamal Crawford for going on record as being there. I have a hunch a few other Seattle personalities may be there as well(although the league seems pretty determined to invite all of them to the Sundays finals game...)

I am growing really excited for this event. The outpouring of support is truly amazing and the staff that has put it together is impressive. For a volunteer group we really have it together now. This is why it is so frustrating that they are trying to strip us of the two final years. Had they helped us build this movement 2 years ago, or waited until we had this now, we could have risen up and gotten the building done. Instead they conspire to leave...