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NBA League Pass Rankings: Part Two

Part two of your guide to who to watch this season and why.


With the NBA regular season upon us it's time to decide who to watch this season, who not to watch this season, and what teams you'll want to watch every night. That's where I come in, giving you my League Pass rankings for the upcoming season. Who are the most watchable teams in the NBA? Let's find out...

(If you missed part one, 30-21, click here)

PART TWO: 20-11

20. Denver Nuggets

Why you should watch:

Brian Shaw's first head coaching gig should be interesting. For years he has been regarded as one of the top assistants in the league so many will be anxious to see what he can do with this Nuggets team. Kenneth Faried is always a fun player to watch; he gives the maximum amount of effort all the time and is constantly out-hustling guys for rebounds and loose balls. Danillo Gallinari is healthy, and they added JJ Hickson and Nate Robinson. One thing is for certain, JaVale McGee will be doing JaVale McGee things, and that's always a good time.

Big Question: Can Nate Robinson, Ty Lawson, and Andre Miller be on the court at the same time? How will the big man minutes be divided between JJ Hickson, JaVale McGee, Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur, Timofey Movgov, and Anthony Randolph?

19. Memphis Grizzlies

Why you should watch:

The Grizzlies didn't do a whole lot of anything this off season. They kept the core of Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, and Mike Conley together. They added a shooter in Mike Miller, who now plays for a team with a name that describes him (Mike "Grizzly" Miller. No? Okay...). The Grizzlies will still be one of the top defensive teams in the NBA. So if you love defense watch these guys, and if you don't love defense then go watch the defensive abomination that is the Lakers.

Big Question: New Head Coach Dave Joerger wants to implement a fast paced style of play; will Zach Randolph hold up in that style? Can Ed Davis and Kosta Koufos step in and perform for Z-Bo and Marc Gasol on a consistent basis?

18. San Antonio Spurs

Why you should watch:

The Spurs are still the same team. They're still super boring, they still play the best fundamental basketball, and they will still win a ton of games. What's different about this team is Kawhi Leonard, who is still developing and getting better as a scorer and a defender. Leonard may be a piece of San Antonio's future after Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker are all gone. Yea, those guys are still around.

Big Question: Are the Spurs still the best team in the West? Has their window closed? When do they rebuild?

17. Boston Celtics

Why you should watch:

Finally, we get to see what a member of the Doobie Brothers looks like playing basketball in Kelly Olynyk. But seriously, Olynyk was one of the best players in the summer league and will probably get the starting nod at center for this Celtics team. Rondo will be back mid-season and it will be interesting to see how he performs without the likes of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Doc Rivers; then the trade rumors start. New Celtics head coach Brad Stevens took Butler to an NCAA championship game; let's see what he can do with a lineup that looks like Avery Bradley, Marshon Brooks, Jeff Green, Kris Humphries, and Kelly Olynyk.

Big Question: Can Jeff Green be a consistent night in and night out scorer?

16. Portland Trail Blazers

Why you should watch:

The Trail Blazers of Rip City have retooled and reloaded. They added a guy in desperate need of a fresh start in Thomas Robinson who was a prime example of a guy drafted by the wrong team last year with Sacramento. Look for Robinson to play in some sets alongside Lamarcus Aldridge. Damian Lillard took the rookie of the year award last year with ease; he will continue to improve as a scorer and a passer and prove that he is one of the top young guards in the league. The Trail Blazers also have a legitimate bench this year with guys like Robinson, number ten overall pick in CJ McCollum, Dorrell Wright, Mo Williams, and the 7'1" (probably should've stayed in college longer) Meyers Leonard.

Big Question: Will LaMarcus Aldridge play more minutes at center this year than power forward?

15. Minnesota Timberwolves

Why you should watch:

Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love haven't played much together over the past few seasons, but when they do it's the most watchable basketball a fan can witness. I'm worried about both of them staying healthy though, which is why I ranked them probably lower than they should be. Last season Rubio and Love played a total of 28 minutes together, which isn't fun. Another reason to watch this team is the throwback style of play that Nikola Pekovic plays at center. Pekovic is a monster in the post and can score on basically anyone down there. He, Love, and Rubio should be fun to watch... if they can all stay healthy.

Big Question: Will Rubio and Love play more than 50 games with each other this season? Will Shabazz Muhammad get suspended in his rookie season?

14. Indiana Pacers

Why you should watch:

Like the Grizzlies and Spurs, the Pacers will play solid defense and fundamental basketball. What makes them not as boring is the superstar potential of the 23-year-old wing forward Paul George. Danny Granger is also back and the Pacers improved their bench with the additions of Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, and CJ Watson. Scola will be getting Tyler Hansbrough's old minutes. This is a good thing.

Big Question: Will Paul George make a second leap? Will Frank Vogel finally get something out of his bench players? Will Danny Granger get traded?

13. New Orleans Pelicans

Why you should watch:

A healthy Anthony Davis will be a year older and a year better as his NBA career progresses, and shots will be redirected his way in New Orleans. The Pelicans also acquired all-star point guard Jrue Holliday and former rookie of the year Tyreke Evans. It's looking like Evans could come off the bench right now, which could be interesting. I'm also anxious to see a lineup that looks like Holliday, Eric Gordon, Evans, Ryan Anderson, and Davis. I'm not sure what that would bring, but it sounds like a lot of jump shots and offensive rebounds for Davis.

Big Question: How will Monty Williams divide the guard minutes between Holliday, Evans, Gordon, Austin Rivers, and Brian Roberts? What will the Pelicans nickname become? The Pels?

12. Cleveland Cavaliers

Why you should watch:

Like Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving is a year older and another year into his NBA career. He continues to establish himself as one of the best young scorers, ball handlers, and point guards in the game. The Cavs also acquired veteran guard Jarrett Jack in free agency. (Bartender...) JACK! was huge down the stretch last year for the Warriors being able to play the point and let Steph Curry play off the ball at the two guard position. He can do the same thing for the Cavs by letting Kyrie play off the ball and putting himself into a position to score more. The Cavs also drafted Anthony Bennett number one overall. At UNLV he averaged 16-8-1 in 35 games. Mike Brown is also back as the head coach, and the Cavs signed Andrew Bynum... who probably won't play... sigh.

Big Question: Will Andrew Bynum play at all for the Cleveland Cavaliers? Will the Cavs opt out of Bynum's deal in January (for $6 mil) and trade for a big man? Pau Gasol?

11. Washington Wizards

Why you should watch:

John Wall is healthy. John Wall is healthy. JOHN WALL IS HEALTHY! Last season the Wizards were significantly better with Wall on the court (24-25 with him, 5-29 without him). Wall showed at the end of last season that he was starting to become one of the best young point guards in the league with the likes of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving. That really good defensive team I was talking about at number 17? Yea, Wall hung 47 on them at the Phone Booth last season. With Wall, Bradley Beal is also healthy. Beal was named to the all-rookie first team last season, set the franchise record for three pointers by a rookie, and missed 26 games. When both Wall and Beal played together the Wizards were 16-9; without both of them they were 13-44. The bottom line is, the Wizards are healthy this year (sigh, except for Emeka Okafor) and are looking to make a run at the post season. This team lost NOTHING in the offseason while adding Otto Porter Jr., Glen Rice Jr., Al Harrington, and Eric Maynor. Martell Webster is back and despite the thought that he was overpaid he was still one of the best three point shooters in the game last year (12th in the league at 42%). Jan Vesely looked good in Euro Basket (averaging 17-11 in five games) and is better this year (I think). He also might not approach finishing with more fouls than points (he almost did that last season). As long as Wall and Beal stay healthy and they get productive minutes from their bigs and the SF position (too much to ask for?), this team will be fast, really fun to watch, and they will make a run for the playoffs.

Big Question: Can Bradley Beal make the leap to the next level? Will John Wall be an all-star this season? Will the Wizards trade their expiring contracts in Ariza & Okafor for another big? Can Vesely or Seraphin step up while Emeka Okafor is injured? Can the Wizards get quality minutes from the SF position?

Look for Part III tomorrow! Teams 10-1. Hit the poll!