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KJ Has Another News Conference Tomorrow

According to David Bienick @kcrabienick. Topics expected to be discussed: a status report on some people who may or may not ever formally commit to being involved in the project publicly (without mentioning their actual names), followed by a request to join KJ in forming a flash mob outside league offices in NYC to perform Gangnam Style, followed by a brief respite for a Kit Kat bar, followed by KJ announcing that he will be following in the footsteps of Leon Sandcastle and putting his name into the 2013 NBA Draft.

All ribbing aside, dog and pony show time is about over.

I expect to hear an announcement of some kind out of the NBA near the end of the week regarding the sale. This isn't based on any connections I have or things I've heard, second-hand or otherwise. I just don't think the league is going to leave this unresolved going into the All-Star break and risk it being talked about the whole weekend. That's not usually their MO. Whatever your hole cards are KJ, it's time to play 'em or fold 'em.