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Our Quiet Champions

Seattle has exceptional leaders on point for the NBA Board of Governors meeting.


We will be in good hands today as King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn join our champion, Chris Hansen, in a presentation to the NBA Board of Governors.

Their presence in New York provides a great opportunity to remind fans that both men were strong supporters of the Sonics Arena Project.

Executive Constantine and Mayor McGinn were two of our earliest and most passionate advocates. As the executives of their respective municipalities they each deserve tremendous credit for having the arena approved under their watch. Both have possessed the confidence and savvy to make their biggest contributions outside of the limelight,, providing steady, quiet leadership rather than seeking individual recognition through media cheerleading and press events.

I trust that the County Executive and Mayor will make a compelling case for the vibrancy of our city because they are true and passionate fans of the Sonics and Seattle who believe in the cultural and economic strength of our region.

Sonics fans appreciate all the elected officials who have supported us in our cause!

Send your thanks, best wishes and a #GoSonics hash tag to @DowC, @MichaelMcginn and @SonicsArena via Twitter and ask your friends to do the same.

UPDATE 7:15am Steve Ballmer and Pete and Eric Nordstrom have Joined Chris Hansen, Dow Constantine and Mike McGinn at the St. Regis Hotel

UPDATE: 7:44am #GoSonics is trending locally according to Do not be subtle. Do not just "like" or RT but ask your friends specifically to join the effort.

UPDATE: 8:39am #GoSonics has moved into the #2 trending spot behind #Seattle. Push it to the top and keep it there so that our guys see it at #1 when they emerge from their meetings. ! #GoSonics

UPDATE: 10:00 According to #GoSonics has passed #Seattle as the #1 trending topic locally.