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The Ten Greatest Players in Supersonics History #8

Join us as we celebrate the careers of the 10 most legendary players to wear the Sonics uniform. Today we examine #8.

8. Gus "The Wizard" Williams. A prolific scorer, hard-as-nails defender, and capable ballhandler, Williams was an integral part of the late 70s Sonics championship teams. Drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the second round of the 1975 NBA Draft, Williams signed as a veteran free agent with the Supersonics in 1977.

His signing immediately paid dividends as he increased his statistical averages in scoring and assists for the next four consecutive seasons, which included two Finals appearances and one NBA championship for the Supersonics. During his first four years with the club Williams averaged 20.7 PPG, 4.9 APG and shot 47.9% from the field. He also finished in the top 10 in steals for seven consecutive seasons, from 1977-85.

Towards the end of his career Williams was traded to the Washington Bullets for Tim McCormick and Ricky Sobers, a sobering end indeed to a great Sonics career. Williams holds top 10 places in nearly every significant statistical category for the Sonics despite playing nearly 35 years ago. Williams’ number #1 was retired by the team.

Enjoy this Gus Williams highlight mix