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Inside the NBA meeting "Little teeny mints and water"

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King County Executive Dow Constantine gave his impression of seeing Chris Hansen in action, the types of things that were covered, and what role each of our speakers took, on KJR AM950 radio.

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Yesterday, KJR-950's Dave "Softy" Mahler's interviewed King County Executive Dow Constantine shortly after their meeting with the NBA Board of Governors. Constantine's report of what went on between the Seattle delegation and the NBA was very interesting.

I encourage your to listen to this very good interview. The questions were pretty simple, but Constantine's responses were as interesting and descriptive as I have found.

Softy started off with a goofy question, "did they have any snacks?", but even that throw away question gives you a look inside the meeting room.

According to King County Executive Dow Constantine, inside the the meeting room with the NBA the refreshments were "Little teeny mints and water".

Constantine gave his impression of seeing Chris Hansen in action, the types of things that were covered, and what role each of our speakers took.

Dow Constantine summarized part of George Maloof's message to the owners, "We have this agreement with Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer, the Nordstroms, and Wally Walker, and we want to live up to it (our agreement). We want you to follow through on this because we have made an agreement that is good for us, you, and the NBA."

A couple things there, the owners of the franchise did make their pitch that they want to sell to Hansen & co, and, I guess I have to ask, is Wally Walker part of the ownership group?

I'm more than ok with Walker being part of that group, if that is, indeed, the case. Walker was against Howard Schultz selling the Sonics to Clay Bennett. And to echo Brian Robinson's point that Wally Walker has been working for us, here is what Constantine said about Walker's role for our delegation.

"In the pre-meeting he was helping to corral folks, the sage, make sure everybody understood the temperament in the NBA owners was. In the meeting he sat shoulder to shoulder with the Nordstrons and Steve Ballmer, Chris Hansen, to show a united front . . .", Constantine said.

A key word Constantine uses in the interview to describe the nature of the difference between Seattle and Sacramento is "certainty". I think that is the case for Seattle right there, on every point, certainty.

I encourage you to give it a listen, lots of good stuff, and share your thoughts. Listen here, KJR-950's Dave "Softy" Mauler interview King County Executive Dow Constantine

Here are the rest of the interviews from that hour on KJR, including an interview with Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn.

Good job, Softy. And Dow, we have your back, always. Have a great day, Mike Baker (From the 206)