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Does the Seattle Times hate Mayor McGinn?

Is the Seattle Times biased against Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn?

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I have seen a fairly strong trend in the Seattle Times opinion pages that would suggest they have something out for the Mayor. The regular reporting side is much more neutral on the matter, as they should be. <a href="" target="new">Danny Westneat today provides us an interesting point of view from his side as a writer.</a>

I think there is a tremendous bias against new money and big changes coming to Seattle. The old money is upset about it, and willing to go to significant lengths to stop new money from making big changes like our SODO arena. Other establishment folks in Seattle want to slow down or stop the inevitable growth and renovation that will occur in our city and it's neighborhoods. The Seattle Times ed board appears to have aligned itself squarely in these camps. And thankfully, they've been called out on it by other media around town.

Some leaders have enough vision to allow them to see both sides of this local debate, that we can have the inevitable growth but grow in thoughtful and measured ways. Leaders who are not obstructionists and who see that we can have the SODO arena and concomitant development in that area, while maintaining the economic strengths of traditional industries in that area. Those are the leaders that we need to guide us in these times.

Sonics fans: Please stay close to this process as we move into the November General Election. We are not sure exactly how this is going to play out, but it's very likely that we will need your voices heard. And we should try to send a unified message to support our issue. We may need you to come rocking your gear and make a statement of some kind. Please stay tuned to this channel and we will keep you informed.