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Devils Possessed By NHL?

Should we start beating the relocation drum right now?

The Devils!!!
The Devils!!!

I've heard of people being possessed by devils. It sounds like the NHL might be poised to turn the tables.

According to an article at Forbes, which you can read by clicking here, the New Jersey Devils are in serious financial trouble and the league may be preparing to take possession of the franchise.

Here is a passage from the article...

The Devils have $230 million of debt and team owner Jeff Vanderbeek missed the first payment on a recently restructured bank loan. The team's annual debt payment is around $15 million a year and in the past the Devils have already used prepayments of future revenue streams to pay bills. Andrew Barroway was poised to buy the hockey team and operating rights to the Prudential Center, but withdrew his offer within the past two weeks after getting a closer look at the team's books.

That's not to say the league would actually purchase the team.

Instead, the NHL would fund and operate the team while it sought a buyer. The Devils owe the league roughly $25 million and their payroll for the start of 2013-14 season is projected to be around $55 million.

I'm not writing this to in any way imply there is a chance of the Devils coming to Seattle. I would put those odds at next to zero. However, this could have a major impact on a league that Seattle is trying to attract as part of our arena deal. Thus its pertinence to our community.