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Its Official: The Seahawks are a Distraction

Gary Payton Facebook

There were periods last spring when I was basking in it all. I told people about the vision of a new Husky Stadium, the Seahawks entering their season AND both the Sonics and NHL returning. I told people to close their eyes and imagine the golden age of Seattle sports.

As excited as I was I also wondered how it would all come together. How could I personally fit in all the events and appearances, significant added work load and trying to catch a game or two with my kids? How could the city squeeze it all in?

Not only are the Hawks and Huskies off to great start but for the moment at least the Cougs get to bask in the warm light of success as they sit at #1 in the Pac 12.

While the Cougar glory may not last any longer than a Mariners win streak the Seahawks are here to stay. That team is for real and I can say that their presence is, as Chris Hansen would say, GRAVITATIONAL.

I can't help but watch them. I could try to look the other way if I wanted to but it wouldn't work. The chance to be part of a joyous, fun and confidence filled sporting experience is too good to pass up. It is moment like these that I fight for as a fan and I'm not willing to skip this opportunity in hopes that we earn a victory later.

I feel like our site was disrespectful to Gary Payton because we didn't do enough to acknowledge his Hall of Fame entry and all the amazing Sonics stories that were told around it.

We could have had viewing parties when Gary's story was told or old games replayed on NBATV. We should have live blogged his HOF speech. It was all right there for us.

Sorry Gary.

This Seahawks team is for real. They are going to be so fun and for better or worse it is unavoidable that they will will draw fans attention away from the Sonics mission.

Imagine what could have been!