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2014-15 Season Previews

Sonics Rising Season Predictions

We try our hand at clairvoyance as we try to predict the individual awards and champions for the 2014/15 NBA Season

Point-Guard Evolution

From Cousy to Lenny to Magic to Chris Paul, the position and term "floor general" has evolved.

2015 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

Why wait for the season to begin for the mock drafts to flow, let's do one now!

Who is the NBA's best point guard?

Has Steph Curry or John Wall dethroned Chris Paul? Or is CP3 still the association's top floor general?

Best Starting Shooting Guard?

The shooting guard position was once the deepest in all of the league and is the position of its greatest player of all time. Where do the shooting guards of 2014-15 stack up to one another?

Your 2015 Pretenders

Here are the 14 teams that could make the playoffs, but we won't see them getting past their respective conference finals.

LeBron is King, but the pups are on the rise.

LeBron is still the king, but a group of young pups are nipping at his heels.

Who's the top power forward? Not who you'd expect.

The NBA's power forward ranking may have the biggest surprise of them all at the top.

The NBA needs its own Hall of Fame

There are some shaky current players that will be eligible for the Basketball Hall of Fame sooner than later. Many will slip through the cracks of history if NBA doesn't create it's own.

Ranking the starting centers in the NBA 2014-15

Sonics Rising staff (and guests) weigh in on who we think the best NBA centers to be. Do you agree?

Ranking The NBA's Coaches

After having a solid front office to put all the pieces of the puzzle on the table, it takes a great coach to make the fit together. Who are the best coaches in the NBA? Well we rank them 30-1.

The Top 5 Hoops Film Characters Ever

SonicsRising writer, musician and film composer Steve Stearns breaks down his top five favorite characters that appeared in basketball movies. Which characters are in your Top 5?

Who Has The Best Bench?

Our NBA rankings continues. Who has the best 6th, 7th, 8th and beyond men in the NBA? Did a team unseat the Spurs in the off-season?

Seattle In The NBA

There's no Sonics, but Seattle's presence is still felt

The New Guys

Which team has the best newcomer(s)?

Our Home Team: Seattle as a Basketball City

Seattle doesn't just love basketball. Seattle is basketball.

Is there really an Art to Rebuilding?

Tanking and Lottery reform are all the rage, but is there an art to rebuilding?

Which NBA Team Has Best Front Office?

Each NBA franchise is built from with in the front office, every role is extremely important from ownership on down to the assistant GM. We now rank of these guys in suits.

The Future

Which 2014 First-Round Pick Will Have The Biggest Impact?

NBA Talent Shortage?

Does the NBA really suffer from a talent shortage or are there other factors that are hiding the real cause behind this myth?

Pricing Out NBA Fans?

How do NBA tickets compare to other leagues? Are they pricing the average fan out?

Who Has The Best Home Court Advantage in the NBA?

Does home court still matter in the NBA? It does, so who has the best one?

Which Team Rocks The Best Uniform In The NBA?

Sonics Rising conducts its first-ever fashion show to find the answer.

The Sonics Rising 2015 Yearbook

Sonics Rising Superlatives

The NBA's Best Court Designs

The staff at Sonics Rising have ranked NBA court designs from top to bottom.

Lottery Bound

The ten worst teams in the NBA for 2014-15

Are super teams super good?

What can past super teams, from the title winning Miami Heat to the disastrous 2013 L.A. Lakers tell us about the success of top players coming together?

The 2014 NBA League Pass Rankings

Buying League Pass this year? You'll want to read this first. The unofficial 2014 NBA watchability rankings.

2014/15 Season Previews Preview

It's about that time.


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