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LOB: The Sherman - What do you think?

Was Richard Sherman out of line?

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Truly amazing game yesterday by the Seattle Seahawks!  Though it probably took years off the life of their fans with the stress it induced.

Simply put, the Seahawks won the game with defense-not that anyone suspected it would be by any other manner.  The first half was not looking good with Colin Kaepernick running for over 100 yards by himself.  Yet by some great turn of fortune, the Seahawks were down only a touchdown.

Back and forth the momentum swung in the second half, with the mighty mo being the Seahawks favor for most of the 4th quarter.  Two interceptions.  A sack and fumble recovery.  But it all came down to this:

(Seattle Seahawks Beat San Francisco 49ers Amazing Interception win NFC Championship to Super Bowl via LifeHacker101)

Richard Sherman had an incredible game, capped by an exceptional play.  With timeouts remaining and 19 seconds on the clock, if that pass falls harmlessly incomplete SanFran is still in it.  He not only kept Crabtree from making the catch, but extinguished all 49'er hope in one fell swoop.

Time to CELEBRATE!  Then this happened:

(Richard Sherman Going Off on Michael Crabtree w/ Erin Andrews! via ROCKHEADSTUDIOS)

This has obviously stirred things up among fans and in the national media late last night and into today.  What did you think of it?

One of the more interesting reads on it comes from Tommy Tomlinson over on Forbes where he gives 22 Brief Thoughts About That Richard Sherman Interview.  Click through and give it a read if you haven't, and share your reaction below.

My response to the interview was that it wasn't Richard Sherman's best moment.  He's an incredibly smart and articulate guy.  At first I thought he might have been just caught up in the moment, and some of his exuberance may well be from that.  But I suspect he knew he was going to say something, and so that he said something wasn't unplanned on his part. He's just played in the biggest game of his career and made the game winning play essentially, but the response was focused on something else.  Crabtree isn't worth his anger. Don't give him the space in your head.  But I love the passion man!

Michael Crabtree was classless on the field (beyond just the rejected hand shake), and he continued to be so in interviews following the game.  I look forward to when they meet up again.  It is going to be fun!