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SonicsRising Week In Review: No News Doesn't Mean Bad News

We didn't have the excitement this week as we did last week, but we did have a lot of quality pieces get published and if you happened to miss them, here is your chance to go back and reread them.


We didn't get anything fun or exciting to come from incoming NBA commissioner, Adam Silver. The next time that I write this column though the Seattle Seahawks could be Super Bowl Champions and we know for sure that David Stern will be retired and a commissioner open to expansion and getting a team back to Seattle will be in that nice corner office at 645 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Here is what you potentially might have missed this week and remember to vote in our Greatest of All-Time Series. Your votes do go toward seeding the teams!

On This Day in Sonics History: January 21, 1980 - Dennis Johnson is Having the Best Week Ever by Taylor Bartle
Dennis Johnson was named NBA player of the week after averaging 28.0 points 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game. Johnson was the first Sonic to receive the award.

Greatest of All-Time: The 1980 Seattle Supersonics by Paul Rogers
Over the next few weeks SonicsRising will be running reviews of the 22 Seattle Supersonics teams that made the playoffs. This installment focuses on the 1980 Sonics.

Greatest of All-Time: The 1982 Seattle Supersonics by Mitch Northam
Lenny Wilkens' last 50-plus win team is profiled as the debate continues of what team was the greatest Sonics team of All-Time.

Youngbloods: Rookie Power Rankings for 1/23/2014 by Taylor Bartle
NBA Rookie Rankings - Who are your top 5?

Greatest of All-Time: The 1983 Seattle Supersonics by Sonics Guy
A team with Jack Sikma, David Thompson and Gus Williams should be able to outscore anyone, right?

On This Day in Sonics History: January 23, 1992 - George Karl Named Head Coach by Taylor Bartle
The Sonics hired George Karl as their head coach, where he would lead them to 50-win seasons in every full season he coached. He also led the team to the 1996 NBA Finals. He is arguably the best...

Greatest of All Time: The 1984 Seattle Supersonics by Chris Meirose
On paper, the 83-84 Sonics looked like a great team. But did they live up to that?

Hey, Oklahoma City: There Seems To Be A Misunderstanding by Dontae Delgado
We've got a great football team. You've got a great basketball team. But, that’s kind of missing the point, isn’t it?

Greatest of All-Time: 1987 Seattle Supersonics by Paul Rogers
Xavier McDaniel, Dale Ellis, and Tom Chambers led the team to a deep run in the playoffs that no one expected.

Home Team: A Weekly Look at Seattle's NBA Players by Dontae Delgado
Given our current lack of an NBA team, it got me thinking, who can we root for? Well, we can root for our own team.

My Game of the Week: It has to be the early Wednesday night game on ESPN when the Oklahoma City Thunder travel down to Miami to take on LeBron James and the Heat. Kevin Durant has been on a tear lately, can LeBron and Chris Bosh slow him down at all?

Super Bowl Prediction: I honestly have no idea who is going to win the game. I'm not thrilled with the game potentially being played in the snow and freezing rain. I'd rather the players decide the outcome and not the weather. The only advantage the Seahawks have is their defense. When it comes to offense, quarterbacks, coaching, kick and punt returner it all goes to the Broncos.

In saying that, because of the weather and Peyton Manning's choking ability, Seahawks win 13-6 in one of the worst played Super Bowls in history.