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NBA Has No Interest In Las Vegas; Seattle Only City on League's List

The list for NBA expansion or relocation happens to be extremely short. Shorter than one would think.

Edited by Taylor Bartle and Joanna Nesgoda

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I am going to start this off by admitting that I was wrong about Las Vegas.  I had bought into "whomever has the shiniest, newest arena would be the first one to get a team."  That had been the narrative up to this point, right?

Turns out that I was completely wrong.

The NBA doesn't want anything to do with Las Vegas and that stems back from the 2007 NBA All-Star Game.  There were numerous things that the NBA kept out of the public eye and with Twitter, Vine, Instagram and other instant media functions being so prevalent now the NBA would prefer to not deal with those potential issues 41+ times a year.

With Vegas off the list for a potential relocation destination and expansion possibility, what's left?  What cities are on the list?

According to reports, the list is actually quite short- just one name is on the list.


That's it. That is your list.

As of right now there is zero competition out there for Seattle to get a team.  Not in the United States and not in Europe.  Seattle is the start and the end of your list.

With Milwaukee on a firm deadline of 18 months to break ground on a new arena they could potentially be a new team here.  None of us should openly pull for Milwaukee to fail.  They have a championship just like us, 46 years of history (more than we did) and jerseys that hang in the rafters.  In fact, do not expect to see the name Milwaukee Bucks appear in an article on this site again that doesn't have to deal with the draft.

If Milwaukee does get everything together, after the television deal is completed, do not be shocked to see one or more other franchises come up for sale.  Hansen did mention that it's possible that  "something else will come our way."  If all else fails, Hansen seems to think there is a good chance at expansion in the very near future or he would have never mentioned it in his interview with Percy Allen.

The league wants to make Seattle whole; they just can't come right out and say so.