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The NCAA tournament bracket open

It's that time of the year again. Time to fill out your brackets and compare your results against those of the staff of

Will this be the duo that brings down Kentucky?
Will this be the duo that brings down Kentucky?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  The NBA is in the home stretch of the playoff drive and today is the day when Vegas takes just about as much money in as Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, today is Selection Sunday and 68 NCAA Division I are selected to play in the most exciting basketball tournament in the history of the world.

How do you feel about taking on the guys who do watch basketball at in the bracket tournament?  Well you can do so by clicking here.

Some quick thoughts on each team:

One Seeds:

Kentucky - They have seven guys who could get drafted in the first round of the NBA draft this year. Yeah, seven.

Duke - They did not deserve this high of a seed.  Did not win their conference regular season or their conference tourney.

Villanova - These Wildcats tend to under perform in the tourney.  Should be the first #1 seed to go down, probably the first weekend.

Wisconsin - One of probably three or four teams that can beat Kentucky.

Two Seeds:

Kansas - I think this is a little high for them.  Big 12 was a bit overrated this year.

Virginia - Awesome defensively, but they have had some trouble scoring recently.

Arizona - Should have been a number one seed.  Another team that can beat Kentucky.

Gonzaga - Was a borderline one seed, deep and well coached.  Should make the Final Four this year and they matchup against Kentucky really well.

Three Seeds:

Notre Dame - Played their way into this spot the final weekend.  Hot at the right time and can do some damage.

Oklahoma - Did not deserve a three seed, was more of a low four, maybe a five seed.

Iowa State - This team does a lot of things really well.  Not a team anyone should want to matchup with.

Baylor - Hot late, lot of great athletes on the team, but not sure they have the right guys to make a deep run.

Four Seeds:

Louisville - Made this spot on name value alone.

Georgetown - This is an absolute joke.  Eastern Washington should beat them.

North Carolina - Another team that got hot late, but made it this high on name value alone.

Maryland - Was a borderline two seed coming into Sunday and ended up on the four line.  You'll think this is bias, but they do matchup with Kentucky well and don't discount the revenge they want on the Harrison Twins.

Five Seeds:

Northern Iowa - Don't sleep on this team.  They are dangerous and can beat anyone.

West Virginia - Was really shocked they got this high.  I don't see them losing to Buffalo though.

Arkansas - They have a great player in Bobby Portis, but not much else. Prime for the 5-12 upset.

Utah - Solid team, great guards, decently deep.  They can make a deep run from the five spot.

Six Seeds:

Butler - Didn't think they would make the tourney heading into the season.  Good for them.

Providence - I honestly don't know a whole lot about them.

Xavier - For one, I'm a bit shocked they made it in at the six seed, two... how did they make it in at all?

SMU - Only if they had Emmanuel Mudiay and they'd be on the one or two line.

Seven Seeds:

VCU - Never discount a Shaka Smart coached team.

Iowa - Another team that is well coached and does a lot of things well.

Wichita State - Shocked they are this low.  Thought they would be a bit higher.

Michigan State - Tom Izzo does his best coaching in March and April.

Eight Seeds:

Cincinnati - They're just happy to be here.

North Carolina State - Deep team that does a lot well, beat Duke by a lot and should beat Villanova.

Oregon - The Ducks are a feisty team and they are going to give Wisconsin some issues.

San Diego State - Another decently rounded team that does a lot well.  Not sure they can upset Duke though.

Nine Seeds:

Purdue - They have been hot lately and played their way into the tourney.  Have two decent bigs to guard the paint against Kentucky.

LSU - Shaq went here once upon a time.

Oklahoma State - Decent team with good guards.

St. John's - Going to be missing one of their best players for the tourney.

Ten Seeds:

Indiana - Very inconsistent team and it cost them in seeding. They have the talent to play into the second weekend.

Georgia - They came the closest to beating Kentucky this year.

Ohio State - DeAngelo Russell can will the Buckeyes to a lot of wins.  He's a lottery lock for the draft if he comes out.

Davidson - They are a scrappy team.  They shoot, they scramble to 50/50 balls, well coached.

Eleven Seeds:

Texas - They should honestly not be in the tournament.

Boise State - It's weird that Boise State is in a tourney game.

Dayton - Shocked they are in a play-in game.  They're playing the play-in, against Boise State, at home too.

UCLA - Another team that should not be in the tournament.

BYU - Lucky to be here.

Mississippi - Also lucky to be here.

Twelve Seeds:

Buffalo - I don't think I've ever watched Buffalo play a game of basketball ever.

Wyoming - A lot are picking them to beat Northern Iowa, but they wouldn't be here if they didn't win their conference tourney.

Wofford - This team can can win a few games in March.  Don't sleep on them.

Stephen F. Austin - Another team that people are picking for the 5-12 upset and also making a Cinderella type run.

Thirteen Seeds:

Valparaiso - They are a nightmare matchup for both Maryland and West Virginia, could win some games this March.

UC Irvine - They have the tallest guy in college basketball.  That's all I know about them.

Harvard - The Crimson are coached by former Supersonic draft pick, Tommy Amaker.

Eastern Washington - They beat UW and have home court in Portland over Georgetown.

Fourteen Seeds:

Northeastern - I have a friend who went there. *shrug*

Albany - I like these guys.  I could see them upsetting Oklahoma.

Georgia State - They are making their third overall appearance in the tourney.

UAB - I heard they don't have a football program anymore.

Fifteen Seeds:

New Mexico State - They had to beat Seattle U to be here.

Belmont - They can score, don't defend, but they can score.

Texas Southern - Another team I don't think I've ever seen play.

North Dakota State - They can end Gonzaga's Final Four dreams really, really fast. Talented enough to play into the second weekend.

Sixteen Seeds:

Hampton - They'll lose to Kentucky if they beat Manhattan.

Manhattan - They'll lose to Kentucky if they beat Hampton.

Lafayette - They'll probably lose to Villanova.  Won't rule it out that they hang tough for a while though.

North Florida - They'll lose to Duke if they beat Robert Morris.

Robert Morris - They'll lose to Duke if they beat North Florida.

Coastal Carolina - What the hell is a Chanticleer?

Again, to join the bracket click here.