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Seattle Sin Bin: Chris Daniels to discuss renewed Mariners and Port opposition

Chris Daniels reported earlier that the Seattle Mariners and the Port of Seattle have strongly renewed their opposition to Chris Hansen's SoDo arena proposal. He steps into the Sin Bin to discuss.

The man himself joins us
The man himself joins us
Chris Daniels

According to a report from Chris Daniels, the Seattle Mariners and the Port of Seattle have renewed their opposition to the SoDo arena. Fortunately for us, Daniels was willing to step into the Sin Bin and talk about it.

The Seattle Design Commission heard the latest on the Seattle arena project and was "generally comfortable" with the information in an hour-long presentation by the project's architects and attorney.

"There are a lot of unknowns there," said Melody McCutcheon, an attorney for the baseball club. "We're not any further along then we were a year and a half ago after you gave them a homework assignment."

Here you go! Daniels joins us 15 minutes in. I go on a rant before that.

Also, we have two new segments from WEPC's NPR Hockey talk. Thanks to Steve Stearns for producing and directing those segments and thanks to David Anthony Lewis and Tiffany Aweeka for providing the voice talent.

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