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Seattle Sin Bin: Dana Lane steps in; NHL playoffs; Arena news; Vegas update

Sports handicapper and Las Vegas homie Dana Lane joins us to talk NHL playoffs and give us an update on NHL to Vegas.

We hope you are a fan too.
We hope you are a fan too.
Otto Rogers

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It's that time again. Welcome to the Seattle Sin Bin.

In this episode, your hosts discuss the arena situation, with Chris Hansen's media circuit today at the top of the agenda. We also talk NHL playoffs. Sports handicapper Dana Lane joins us to talk playoffs and give us an update on the movement to bring the NHL to Las Vegas.


We are excited to announce that we are adding a second weekly podcast to the lineup. It will be with a different host and a different style, but it will be about hockey in the Pacific Northwest. We will air the first episode tomorrow night.

Neil Roberts will be the host. Neil is a young pup, but is a long time member of the Sonics Rising community and was the host of a sports talk radio show at WSU until his recent graduation. Neil will approach this from the point of view of someone learning the game of hockey and bringing his audience along for the ride.

For his first episode, fellow Sonics Rising community member Doug Taylor will join him to talk puck. Please join them!

Otto and Paul will continue to do the Tuesday broadcast in the same way we've been doing. Bringing Neil on board is simply the next step in expanding our hockey coverage.