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Mayor Murray: NHL-first will require more money

According to the mayor more private dollars may be necessary to push SoDo across the finish line.

The mayor is rubbing his fingers together for more cash from the Hansen group
The mayor is rubbing his fingers together for more cash from the Hansen group

With the release of the FEIS today, all kinds of information is coming out of the woodwork, with some interesting stuff from Mayor Ed Murray.

What Murray told Jon Humbert:

What will it take for an NHL-first modification to the MOU? According to the mayor, dollar bills. What location does the NHL prefer? According to the mayor, SoDo.

What Murray told Geoff Baker:

According to Baker, more money will be required for the project in general.

Have the political winds shifted since the MOU was originally passed? If so, some of this could be due to time and apathy. It could also be due to the changing of council memberships. Undoubtedly, some of this could be coming from the proposed privately funded arena in Tukwila.

How will all of this shake out? Stay buckled in your seats, we might be in for quite the roller coaster ride over the next several months.


What the mayor's office told Sonics Rising:

A member of the mayor's staff tells us that Murray's comments were intended to apply to potential NHL-first revisions to the existing MOU and refers us to a statement he made last month.

"As I've said before, I stand by the [memorandum of understanding] that the city signed which requires the NBA to commit to Seattle before an arena can be built. But given what we've heard from the NBA, I'm open to the idea of NHL coming to Seattle first. I am ready to listen and would be willing to reconsider the MOU if there is an NHL-first proposal that pencils out for the City."