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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Boston Celtics select Kristaps Porzingis

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The Boston Celtics have selected Kristaps Porzingis, from Cajasol Sevilla

From Celtics Blog: The Celtics have a lot of picks and young players but needed to upgrade the talent on the roster. Moving up allowed them to pick the 7 footer Porzingis who some feel could wind up being the best player from this draft. His shooting and rim-protection potential fit nicely with the system that Brad Stevens is implementing. The downside is that he's going to take time to develop.

Kelly Olynyk is a nice rotation player but has a limited ceiling and shares time with Sullinger (and others) already. This trade makes this young team even less experienced in the short term, but should be a long term upgrade. There's also a very good chance that a lot other moves could be on the horizon come July 1st.

Taylor: The Celtics just got a better version of Olynyk. In workouts, Porzingis made a strong case for being a top 3 pick and getting him at 8 is a pretty damn good deal for Boston. Porzingis is a seven footer who can shoot the three and block shots. He should fit in well with Brad Stevens’ team and I think being able to get him here makes the Celtics the winners of this trade.

Kevin: Hands down the Celtics won this trade.  I’m really shocked that Porzingis fell this far down after being consistently talked about going number one overall as a shock.  I really love the kid’s game.  He can score inside, step out a bit and knock down the long range jumper.  He’s going to need to be add some muscle to be able to bang a bit with the big boys in the NBA, but Stevens may have him doing some different things in Boston.

Lucas: It has long been rumored that the Celtics would try to package a few of their many picks to either snag an established star, or move up in the draft. They seemed to have gotten a steal, only have to give up one first round pick, a high second round pick, and solid but ultimately average forward Kelly Olynk, and have gotten back arguably the most intriguing prospect in this draft. Not only is Porzingis a skilled 19 year old seven footer who has the ability to stretch the floor with his three point shooting, but he can also play above the rim, as he possesses elite athleticism that has rarely been scene from european players of his size before him. Porzingis has the ceiling to become the best player in this class, and could end up as one of the best European players this league has ever seen once it is all said and done.

Dontae: Porzingis is going to love beantown. Playing with a genius like Brad Stevens a young roster, devoid of a true big man with star potential, Porzingis is the right pick for the Celtics. He should be an upgrade over the recently traded Kelly Olynyk, and may end up as the best player from this draft one day.

Now, don't get me wrong. We've unfairly placed a biased against tall european players that can shoot. I say unfair, because it today's game we should know that shooting and playmaking are premium talents that should be valued higher than our biases. That bias is based on a soft perception. Porzingis can block shots, space the floor and has the smoothness to play the four in today's NBA. He's a solid pick for a Celtics team steadily collecting assets.