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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Charlotte Hornets and Utah Jazz have agreed on a trade

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets have agreed to trade the ninth pick in the draft to the Utah Jazz. The Hornets receive Trevor Booker, the rights to Ante Tomic, a 2016 first round pick (Utah), a 2017 first round pick (via GSW), and a 2018 first round pick (via OKC). The Jazz receive the ninth pick and Lance Stephenson.

Taylor: No, Jazz, no. Lance Stephenson is not worth three first round picks. I don’t see him being any less of a knucklehead in a city like Salt Lake and Quin Snyder may legitimately murder him.

Kevin: I think they would justify the slaying in SLC too.  Not a good trade for the Jazz at all.  Then you have Michael Jordan laughing his ass off in Charlotte saying, "I can’t believe that ****ing worked!"

When did censorship happen in blogs?

Dontae: WOW. Michael Jordan continues to torture the Jazz fanbase. How he was able to fleece Utah of three first round picks for Lance Stephenson is beyond me. Trevor Booker and Ante Tomic for the ninth pick isn't a great deal if you do want to split hairs on how to view this trade, but the Hornets have just jumped on a major win.

Editor's note: This trade was made prior to the real-life trade of Stephenson to the Clippers so just... go with it.