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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Atlanta Hawks select Bobby Portis

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With the 15th pick in this NBA mock draft, the Atlanta Hawks select Bobby Portis from the University of Arkansas.

From Peachtree Hoops: We considered several different players at No. 15 but thought Portis was the most well rounded of the group. The things that jumped out at us was his motor and the way he competes while on the court. He is long and has a solid face up game to go along with a good mid-range jump shot which could fit nicely in Atlanta's pick and roll attack.

He needs to improve his rebounding and his back to the basket game, but the Hawks like guys that are labeled as competitors and they generally do well in Atlanta's player development system. He is a good one-on-one defender but isn't quite as polished as a rim protector. There is some optimism that he could improve in that aspect. Portis is a guy that might not make an immediate impact on the court depending on what other moves Atlanta makes this summer, but he is an intriguing prospect with a lot of upside and a good fit for the Hawks at No. 15.

Kevin: I like the depth that Portis adds to the Hawks here.  They had some injuries on and off the last few years at both center and power forward.  Portis isn’t the most polished prospect at this point in his career or even in this draft.  During the SEC and NCAA tournament he never really caught my eye and disappeared a lot during games.  This is when he was by far the "best" player out on the floor, especially at his position.

He does have a lot of upside and again, we got another project on our hands.

Lucas: The first thing that strikes about Portis when watching him play is physical tools, especially on the defensive end. Portisi does a great job of leveraging his body in the post and using his 245 pound frame to his advantage. His ability to body up players in the post should help him make up for his average vertical,he has a 25 inch no step vertical and a 31.5 max vert, according to DraftExpress. What impresses me most about Portis is ability to switch and guard players on the perimeter, and I expect him to excel at switching in pick and roll plays during his NBA career. In terms of offense, he  is a good mid range shooter despite having  fairly unorthodox shooting mechanics, and can also face up and attack the basket. Portis should be able to make an impact right away despite being a mid lottery pick, and I expect him to back up Paul Millsap, assuming he re-signs with the Hawks this summer. Don’t be surprised if Portis becomes the starting Power Forward for the Hawks before the end of his rookie contract.

Taylor: Bobby Portis is going to be the best player in this draft, according to Bobby Portis. So, clearly, he's not lacking in confidence. I do like Portis a lot and I think Atlanta is a good fit for him. He's a big body power forward who is also ridiculously athletic. He can get up above the rim with ease and can hit the midrange jumper. His shot is a little wonky looking, but he does have the ability to step all the way out to the three-point line. On the downside, he doesn't have a great post-up game and his footwork could use work. He's also a very good rebounder, especially on the offensive end, averaging 4.5 per game last season.

Defensively, Portis averaged 1.1 steals and 1.4 blocks last year. He is a very good on-ball defender with enough lateral quickness to stay in front of his man. He'll most likely spend most of the year backing up both Paul Millsap, assuming he returns, and Al Horford, but he should give the Hawks some quality minutes off the bench and make the Hawks an even bigger threat to the East next year.

Dontae: Bobby Portis is a solid pick for the Hawks. They could use frontcourt help and Portis probably has the most upside of the remaining bigs that you would draft at this point in the draft. I could have also seen Trey Lyles taken here as his feel for the game and work from the perimeter may have been a better fit for a Hawks team that is beginning to resemble the San Antonio Spurs.

Portis’s energy, junkyard-like play and ability to score from outside will be a nice complement to either Al Horford or (if he returns) Paul Millsap. He needs seasoning on the defensive end, but he has the physical tools to guard the quicker bigs on the perimeter and protect the rim.

That wraps up today's portion of the 2015 SB Nation mock NBA draft. Come back tomorrow for picks 16-30!