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SB Nation Mock Draft: The Utah Jazz re-acquire Deron Williams along with #22 pick, select Trey Lyles

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets make a trade:
BKN - 2015 #42 (UTA), 2017 1st (UTA), 2017 2nd (NYK), $3 million in cash considerations
UTA - 2015 #29 (BKN), Deron Williams

Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls make a trade:
CHI - 2015 #29 (BKN), 2016 2nd (better of BOS or TOR), 2016 2nd (UTA), 2017 2nd (UTA), Trey Burke, Elijah Millsap
UTA - 2015 #22 (CHI), E'twaun Moore, Cameron Bairstow

Kevin: With all these numbers thrown at first glance I thought I’d need someone who was good at drawing graphs with crayons and breaking this down for me.

Then I saw Deron Williams going back to Utah and had a bit of a laugh.  Hope they enjoy him stunting the growth of Exum and Burke… Then I saw they traded Trey Burke.  Yeah, he hasn’t panned out like they wanted in Utah, but damn, don’t throw in the towel on a young player for a cancer like Williams.  The Jazz needed a vet, but not in the form of Williams.

Hell of a haul for Chicago though.  They definitely win this one.

Dontae: Utah's decision-making continues to baffle me. Why on earth you would bring back Deron Williams and the shell of his former self he has now become is perplexing. Maybe he's there for a veteran presence behind Exum, I don't know. Chicago wins this one given the haul that they took in.

Taylor: I have no idea why anyone outside of Chicago made this trade. It's a straight salary dump for Brooklyn, although they did also acquire a future first rounder, something they have a scarcity of. Utah must be nostalgic or something, because I have no idea why else they make this deal.

The Jazz select Trey Lyles from the University of Kentucky.

Kevin: Ummmmm… Okay I need those crayons and someone to make a graph for me.  Some one explain to me what Utah is doing.  I like Lyles as a player and thought he’d got a hell of a lot sooner, but I hope he enjoys spending time in the D-League this year and next because not a whole lot of minutes in the front court for the Jazz.

Taylor: Didn’t the Jazz just draft Myles Turner? What do they need Lyles for? They’ve been wheeling and dealing all day and this pick leads me to think they aren’t done. This couldn’t have been what they had in mind when they acquired #22, could it?

Dontae: The Jazz must be looking to acquire depth in the front court. That's literally the only explanation that I can come up with regarding the deals that have transpired in this draft involving the Utah Jazz. With Myles Turner and Lyles behind Favors and Rudy, they will have a formidable rotation.

They may have most of the same skills but at least they have dependable bodies. This wouldn't be a bad pick, if they hadn't built the pics that they did earlier in the draft.

Lyles is at best playing in the post, but he does have some mid range skills. Not a bad player to pick at this point in the draft, but somewhat of a head scratcher for the Jazz to have made this pick here.

Lucas: In a surprising turn of events, Deron Williams will be returning Utah for a second stint with the Jazz. The decision to trade for the one time Jazz guard is a bit of  surprise, considering that their  rookie point guard, Dante Exum looked promising last season, and also considering that Deron Williams production has fallen off a cliff since leaving Utah.

The Jazz stockpiling of Big men has continued with the selection of Trey Lyles. Seeing lyles fall all the way to 22, after it was rumored he would go as high as four, is disappointing for the 6’10" forward from Kentucky, but is a steal for the Jazz. He showed the ability to play both the forward and small forward position at Kentucky, and while he will likely play strictly as a power forward in the NBA, Lyles is relatively versatile and incredibly athletic.

For Brooklyn, the number 42 pick in this draft, and 2017 first round pick from Utah and a 2017 second round pick from the Knicks will allow them to begin replenishing their team with young talent, after years of trotting out some of the oldest lineups in the NBA.

Swapping picks for Chicago seems like it will pay off, as they also add two 2017 second round picks and also snagged Trey Burke, who should be one of the best back point guards the Bulls have seen in years (sorry Aaron Brooks and Captain Kirk.)