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Seattle Sin Bin season finale: John Barr talks Stanley Cup and expansion

NHLtoSeattle's John Barr makes another appearance to discuss the Stanley Cup Final and the NHL expansion process.

Lacing them up.
Lacing them up.
John Barr

It's been fun doing this, but we have reached the end of Season One of the Seattle Sin Bin podcast. We will be back in September, though we reserve the right to do special episodes as major news happens or as the mood strikes.

What better way to bring the season to a head, than to have another appearance from Hockey Evangelist John Barr, who runs the web page?

John talks to us about the Stanley Cup Final and the NHL expansion process, including Geoff Baker's report that the Tukwila group is committed to applying before the deadline.

Also, your hosts discuss the New York Post report that the Arizona Coyotes are moving to Vegas. The NHL has strongly denied the report.

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