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Seattle arena potpourri: part three

There's a lot going on right now. Let's take a look, shall we?

Will it be built?
Will it be built?
Sonics Arena

Anything interesting happening in our quest to build arena(s) and acquire NBA/NHL franchises? Nothing really new on the former, but there is for the latter. Here's a run down.


Change to the due date?

When Gary Bettman announced a formal expansion process a week or so ago, August 10 was listed as the deadline. Today, we are hearing otherwise in an article at

As of today, no applications have been submitted, but the deadline isn't until July 20. To clarify, the expansion application process is broken into three phases, an NHL executive confirmed to me earlier today.

First phase submissions are due on July 20. At this point, the NHL will have a crystal clear indication of how many applications they are dealing with. The second phase is due a few weeks later, with final phase submissions due September 4.

I shall attempt to interpret that. It sounds like the initial application deadline is July 20, while August 10 would be the second phase deadline. Phase three is September 4.

Seattle Times reporter Geoff Baker confirms this information.

So did we lose 20 days there? I doubt it. My guess is the people who are submitting knew exactly what the dates are. Those who planned to apply will still apply.

Listen to yours truly on the Vegas Hockey Podcast

The Vegas guys invited me to talk about NHL expansion and the Seattle arena situation. It was fun. Check it out.


Well, it happened. The Milwaukee Bucks used Seattle (and Las Vegas) to threaten the State of Wisconsin with relocation. Team president Peter Feigin made the threat to the Joint Finance Committee yesterday as it received testimony on the Bucks' proposed arena. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported on the hearing.

At an informational hearing held by the state Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, Feigin said the Bucks owners' purchase agreement for the team includes a provision that construction of a new arena start in 2015. If that does not occur, he said the NBA will buy back the team for a $25 million profit and move them to "Las Vegas or Seattle."

"The window is closing," Feigin said. "We can't wait months, even weeks to start the public process."

Feigin also told the committee he was optimistic that a deal would take place. He reiterated and expanded on those comments today in an interview with Syrius XM Radio.


I still believe the NHL will field at least two expansion applications from the Seattle region.

As for the Bucks, many people think this is simply a threat designed to push the arena across the finish line. Some think the NBA deadline is real, locked, and loaded. Some think it is both. The truth is that the situation is highly fluid and we have no idea how this will end. One thing is clear, though: this decision lies firmly in Wisconsin's hands. Neither Seattle nor Las Vegas can stop Milwaukee from keeping its team.